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More Daygame Infinite Seminar

February 25, 2018

I’ve been so carried away with my reading (I’m now onto book #32 of 2018) and new content for the Daygame Mastery reissue that I forgot to keep the Infinite seminar flowing. Sorry lads, here’s part three.

In other news I am proud to link the world-first Daygame Infinite review [1] from a London guy you’ll be hearing a lot more of in 2018: Thomas Crown. “Why a lot more?” you ask. Because he’s closing in on the release of his first memoir, which will no doubt do the rounds among Euro-Jaunt circles. Also, his blog is pretty good too. Here’s his overall thoughts on my book:

“Most people expected the book to be a home run, and I was one of them. My expectations were met. The book is excellent and I acknowledge the âDaygame Infinite vibeâ when I go out now” – Thomas Crown, link above

In other news, I have settled on writing TWO new sections for the Daygame Mastery reissue. The first is a 13k-word “Banter Clinic” that just passed it’s editing stage today, so I’ll send it off to my layout guy tomorrow. While he’s painstakingly laying out the WhatsApp chats I shall finish up the new inner game section. I still expect it to be released before the end of March.

[1] I’ll link others too, so long as you don’t shit-talk me of shill other people’s products such that me linking ends up shilling for them too.

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