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More frame control battling on Facebook

May 10, 2011

This is a continuation of the previous post. I’d just logged off to go watch a movie and pretty much the moment I log back on, she’s opening me again. My reading is that she’s almost on the hook and is wanting to submit to me but her rationalisation hamster requires a few more spins before it’s satisfied.

Her: how was the movie?
Me: oh you…..     heh! it was awesome!     guns     cars     explosions    sex     fights    [contrast game between the educated sophisticated guy and the retarded caveman]
Her: as i said..very YOU!   [big IOI]
Me: I usually like Nicolas Cage movies     we share the same brain    [yet again, I yank the conversation off the usual well-worn treads and run with it]
Her: i think is time to change your brain     you need a soft, polite, kind brain     [an IOI because she is invested enough to want to modify my behaviour. But obviously also a shit test to beta-tise me]
Me: I can be soft, polite and kind     occasionally
Her: how many girls did you approach in Oxford St today? haha     [she knows I teach]
Me: None. Too many Brazilians.     Crazy, brunette Brazilians     (the annoying type)     [agree and amplify, frame her as bratty]
Her: very funy     :p     the best ones you meant to say
Me: There’s one Brazilian I really like     but he’s in Sao Paulo now    [she’s met Suave, so she knows who I mean. I leave about thirty seconds between the sentences for comedic timing]
Her: i knew it ð¦
Me: heh!    [an all-purpose response when she doesn’t give you enough to work with]
Her: ð     ð
Me: you can be my 2nd favourite Brazilian     [never ever 1st. It’s a good game to rank a girl really low on some ridiculous list e.g. “you are my 25th favourite thing in the world. Above eggs, below elephants”]
Her: ð
Me: actually, no     my 2nd favourite is Pele     you can be 3rd
Her: hahahahhahaha    [she’s loving it. No-one talks to her like this]
Me: in fact this is my 3rd favourite

Her: hahahahaha     you are boring but i have to say you amuse me    [another IOI but as usual she won’t quite fold her cards]
Me: blah blah blah    [another general purpose response. It’s important not to start preening myself in pride at the compliment she gave. She’s used to guys jumping on it]
Her: keep makes me laugh ð
Me: laugh quietly     don’t disturb your neighbours    [order her around]
Her: I laughed loud     the guy next to my room is studing now     you see what you do     is your fault
Me: I feel very bad now     my conscience is hurting me     he might fail his exams     be thrown out of school     be unemployed     start taking drugs    [again I yank the conversation away and go off on a tangent]
Her: i hope so….i dont like him! hehe     [do NOT co-sign bad behaviour, even though its clearly playful. It’s a great chance to show I don’t pander to her whims.]
Me: that’s very mean. -5 points for you     be nice     be super nice
Her: laugh loud againn     hahaha     you are so nice…+10 points for you     now i have to go…    [she’s rapport-seeking by mirroring my points scale, but it’s also a subtle frame steal]
Me: cool, I’m on 3,423,978 points [link]    [agree and amplify]

Her: dislike
Me: boo    [she didn’t give me much, so I don’t give much]
Her: ghost?
Me: similar, but more scary     it’ll give you nightmares
Her: -20 points     be nice!     [rapport-seeking and frame-stealing. This girl is sharp]
Me: ok     Sleep well, have sweet dreams    [she’s not giving enough value to hold my attention so I politely dismiss her, even though I’m just reframing her need to go as my need to go]
Her: tks     you too
Me: ð
Her: ð     bye

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