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More work with Skeletor

February 4, 2011

I had a fear of enlightement. Call it a success barrier if you will.

There are many positive things I’ve been able to internalise in my life. For year after year I always came top of the class in every subject. Literally from the first year as a little shit-cake baker five year old playing in the sandpit between classes, right up to my school leaving exams. Always the best, in everything. But I went to a shitty school so I wondered if I could still be top at college. I was. But it was a shitty college. Finally I went to a top university and it took a full academic year before I realised I was smarter than everyone else. Then I went into business for a top consulting firm and again I wasn’t sure I’d rise to the top of my peer group but I did.

In the face of such consistent positive feedback over literally two decades I have fully internalised that I am among the top 1% of men intellectually. I project as such with serene confidence.

That’s the plus side. There’s other things where I haven’t been able to internalise the leap to greatness. Since getting involved in game this has held me back from believing I am at the top of the value pyramid, or as Skeletor would say in his fiat currency analogy – “the guy who owns the printing press”

Regular manosphere readers will be familiar with the idea that men own the extremes of the bell curve and women own mediocrity. Because reproductively women are “where its at” they just need to exist and not breakdown in order to pass on their genes. There is no selective pressure in nature to reward mutation and punish mediocrity. Hence all the select pressure and thus evolution is on the male side. Men inhabit a wide spectrum of mutation and ability, compete strongly, and over time the top 40% reproduce. This is why every achievement that’s ever happened was acheived by a man. Just go to wikipedia and get a list of inventions. Here’s a handful:

  • Johannes Gutenburg invents the printing press. Mass literacy becomes possible.
  • Luca Pacioli invents double entry booking, the bedrock of modern business administration.
  • Christiaan Huuygens invents the pendulum clock setting the stage for effective timekeeping.
  • James Hargreaves invents the spinning jenny which massively increases productive capacity of weavers.
  • Claude de Jouffroy invents the steamboat and thus reliable long distance travel.
  • Benjamin Franklin invents spectacles.
  • Edward Jenner invents vaccination and single-handedly cures small pox, the largest killer of urban populations.
  • Michael Faraday invents the electric motor.
  • George Stephenson invents the steam locomotive that allows heavy industry to move its products and people to move between urban centres quickly and easily.
  • Samuel Colt invents the revolver. Useful for pacifying savages.
  • Crawford Long invents anaesthesia

Men own the top and bottom. As loyal readers and devotees of self improvement you are quite likely somewhere in the top half of the male value pyramid. Don’t pay attention to the total size of the pyramids, just their relative heights. The central points to take on board from it are:

– The best men are higher value than the best women. A female 10 is lucky to get a male 9 or 10.
– There are more girls cute or better than their are high value men.
– Some men are too low value for even the lowest quality fertile women.

One of the most helpful passages in my talks with Skeletor has been how he has impressed upon me that once you’ve already acheived the reality of getting to the top end of the pyramid, the big challenge is to start believing you are there. That requires a big leap of faith. If you genuinely have the value, this video is great for helping you believe it.

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