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My boy lollipop with never leave me, because it would grieve me

September 5, 2012

It’s been a while since I’ve talked about femininity. One thing I’ve noticed over the past couple of years is that all of my friends / wings who initially got into Game to rack up notches and have wild adventures have now all zeroed in on the same goal – finding girls with strong positive femininity. All the other stuff like height, curves, ethnicity is just details. When we go out we are scanning and screening hard for feminine essence.

Bhodi talks about girls dripping in oestrogen (figuratively). Now that I’m attuned to it I can pick these girls out of a crowd. Long flowing soft hair, glowing skin, relaxed strut, gentle facial expressions. Just as you can sense a man with raging testosterone you can also sense a girl with an oestrogen overload.

Men are not comfortable receiving affection from sluts or aggressive masculinised women. We all really really enjoy being around feminine energy, it’s like recharging your batteries and puts a spring in your step. That’s why I say I’d rather be on a (no sex) date with a purely feminine girl than fuck a masculinised slut. Even the posterboy of the high-notch ONS lifestyle wants to keep sweet feminine girls around him.

While on mushrooms I watched alot of Millie. Compare this girl to the likes of Beyonce. Think for a moment which one you’d prefer in your bed for ten years when you finally decide to marry. Do I even need to analyse the videos step by step? It’s pretty obvious to the Red Pill crowd why the guy in the Beyonce video doesn’t love her when everything she’s doing is drenched in masculine attitude.

Girls, if you want to keep a man around you need to boost your feminine essence. To do so I recommend the following:

  • Read The Rules Revisted and be prepared to learn from it rather than salve your ego by rejecting it. If you disagree with any post there it meansyou are wrong.
  • Change your diet away from man foods. Get more fresh vegetables, fruit, water, white meats.
  • Stop drinking alcohol. Really, try to entirely cut alcohol out of your life. If you must drink, avoid beers and lagers at all costs. More then anything else, alcohol and cigarettes ruin a girl’s hormone balance.
  • Don’t lift weights, circuit train or jog. Which girls have the most sexy feminine bodies? Yes, dancers, aerobics instructors and pilates girls. Joggers always look like shit.
  • Take pleasure in learning to cook and other girly hobbies. Make a real skill out of it. It’s so easy to set yourself apart from, and above, the crowd of girls with androgynous or masculine hobbies.

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