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My new neg for high value girls

October 29, 2010

I’ve got a second date on Tuesday with my favourite new target. She’s a smoking hot 24 yr old leggy Russian – I’m talking Victoria’s-Secret-model-quality hot. Above my usual standard. She reads Checkov, follow politics, and smokes. On the day two last week I pulled out a beautiful spontaneous comment.

Picture the scene……

She’s sitting across from me in a quiet pub. I’m slouched in my chair projecting alpha while she leans over, thigh over thigh, qualifying like crazy. She won’t stop talking. I have to decide do I (a) regain the conversational frame and steer it where I want to go or (b) control the subcommunication frame and just let her talk herself into deep investment. Students of the KDM already know I picked the latter option.

So I’m leaning back and parcelling out occasional grunts and nods while looking away distractedly and putting in occasional eye fucking. Suddenly I hold up a finger stopping her mid-sentence and look perplexed.

Me: Stop. Wait.  *stare like I’m thinking deeply* I want to say something. I’m not sure about you.
Her: *stops. Taken aback and intrigued* Yes. What?
Me: Three things, I think…. first. I find you sexually attractive. I knew that straight away when I met you. I’d definitely like to fuck you.
Her: Woohoo! [sarcastic, but clearly pleased at the compliment] Well done me!! *raises her hand in the familiar gesture of pulling the horn on a train*
Me: Settle down. Two. You’re interesting. Definitely interesting. I figured that out pretty quickly.
Her: *leaning in, fascinated*
Me: But….. Three. I’m not sure if I like you. As a person….. I mean. I’m not sure if you are (a) a nice sweet girl, with a slightly bitchy shell to protect yourself…. which is fine. Or…. (b) you actually are a bitch and the sweetness is just what you do to get what you want. It intrigues me.
Her: *speechless, crosses legs a few times*

I’m quite pleased with that. I think it’ll only hit on girls who know they have high sexual value. In this case it was true, which is why it came out easily. I really don’t know if I like her. The next date ought to clarify.

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