My site analytics showed me I’d gotten a bunch of hits from this guy linking me:

  • SadVirgin whines: Why oh why do us sad lonely male nerds struggle while jerks like this get all the hot beautiful women? (link to my last lay report)
  • I reply: Because jerks like me put in the hard work to become a sexworthy man. If you shifted your ass and did what I did, you’d get what I get.

Exhibit A

This quite understandably triggers a few responses. Now seeing as a couple of them are reasonably thought out, I think perhaps there’s decent people involved in this website so I invest a little time explaining myself. Here’s some of the early comments. First a reasonable but slightly blue-pill guy:

Anthony: It is absolutely true that you put the work and effort in to becoming ‘sexworthy.’ But your attitude isn’t helpful. Under one caption on your site, it read “I’m entitled to this” or something along those lines. Which is complete bullshit. You’re entitled to your opinion, that’s about it. If you want to break away from the norm and date lots of women and have casual sex, there is nothing wrong with that. More power to you if you can achieve it. But when you have the attitude that you’re entitled or owed sex? Then you’re treading into asshole territory.

There isn’t anything inherently wrong with what you do (the sleeping with women part – the general disregard for their feelings [and I realize it isn’t quite that simple], that’s a different story), but your attitude makes you a jerk. So, I understand why unsuccessful men would take their anger out on you. It’s ill-placed, because being angry at you won’t help them get girls. But, some (if not most) of the hate you receive is well-earned.

Then a hater:

Commonly Known As X: I’m sure you can be the sad old git picking up insecure young women without two much trouble, especially if you travel to places where poverty or recent civil wars mean there is a lot more vulnerable youn women. The women will probably learn a sad lesson in what to avoid as they grow up.

IF of course this whole scenario is real. PUAs almost always remind me of really dorky teenagers bragging about their imaginary conquests. I mean, did he really dump this young hottie or did she suddenly realise that not only was this guy twice her age and half her maturity level, but he was completely selfish in bed. An interest in “sexually inexperienced” women seems like a red-flag for not very good at giving pleasure.

And then a fairly red-pill woman:

Eselle28: Hot beautiful women aren’t rationed out based on the recipient’s moral worth. The jerk in question approaches lots of women, has either developed or learned to fake appealing qualities, and is fishing in waters where he may have a certain extra appeal as an exotic foreigner. I’d say the first step for sad lonely male nerds is to develop a persona beyond “sad lonely” – that’s not a combination anyone finds very attractive.

I think I’d also suggest taking some of these stories with a grain of salt. I suspect that the writer experienced some harsh rejections he’s leaving out, and that at least some of the women he mentions may be more interested in having an exciting fling than suffering from hopeless, virginal love.

So I dispense my opinions in a long reply. I incorrectly assume the above hater is a man(gina), btw, so it’s best to treat my response as a generic rant cos it was off target this time. Oops.

Krauserpua writes:

Anthony – I mostly agree, but I think you also missed most of my humour regarding things like the “entitled” caption. Understandable if you’ve dropped into my blog and haven’t read it long enough to get my writing style. A strong sense of entitlement is actually very important to develop if you want to date hot women – if you don’t believe you deserve them, you won’t push past their screening tests and they’ll agree you don’t deserve them. The hate I receive is mostly from manginas like Commonly Known As X – these are perenial losers who project their own self-loathing onto me and are utterly callous about it. Their total disrespect for anyone they see as non-humans (namely, anyone who enjoys their life) is part of the hateful victim vibe that repels women.

CMaX – You’d kill to experience the sexual abundance I do, as everybody who reads your comment knows full well. The fact I bang hot girls and you don’t burns you up inside because it shakes your whole reality. Let me tell you why. You think you’re special and nicer than every other guy and you double-down on identifying with the feminine to try to get laid. Yet it doesn’t work. So you fall back onto the pretty lie that success in dating is just luck, outside your control. That allows you to avoid taking responsibility for your failures, and you are a failure. Then people like me come along who not only bang girls that you think I shouldn’t be able to, but I even lay out a clear path for how you too can achieve the same success….. if only you put in the same hard work I did. But you’re not willing to do that because you’d prefer to be a loser with pretty lies than go through this tough transition period. Hence you have cognitive dissonance. Rather than resolve it with a winner’s attitude of “lets learn from this” you resolve it with a losers attitude of “lets try to deny and belittle the achievement”. Pure sour grapes. I have no respect for losers like you at all.

Eselle28 – Totally agreed with paragraph one. Paragraph two is usually true but I’m the wrong example. I’ve hyper-documented my blog over 480 posts with infield videos, text message exchanges, facebook chat screenshots, post-lay interviews. I’ve also talked plenty about the harsh rejections. No probs if you didn’t know this, can’t expect everyone to be interested enough in my blog to read every post!

I’ve written 480 posts on how to get good with women and my own personal journey from when I initially couldn’t get laid. My technical mindset ought to appeal to nerds. My journey ought to inspire readers here that they too can succeed. Anthony is quite ironically wrong in saying my attitude is unhelpful – I’ve donated hundred of hours of my time to providing a free online resource that any guy can use to improve his success with women. I’m really fucking helpful to those among you who are willing to put in the hard work. I’m really fucking unhelpful to the spiteful pussies among you who just wanna hate and play victim

I don’t know how long this thread will run, but here it is to follow yourselves:

And to dispense with the red flag about not being good in bed. Damn, you caught me bang to rights, as this girl proves from tonight’s Facebook chat

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