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Number closes can be a roll of the dice

February 5, 2012

As I look out my window the snow is falling and wind batters my humble abode. JJ is in Poland freezing his balls off and I left Robusto in Mexico chasing hostel trolls. There’s not alot of game being done in Chateau RSG right now. So it would appear time to dust off the archives and dredge up an old infield. Here’s a routine number-close from a lovely Estonian last summer.

I’ve put subtitles in to show what I was trying to do. She was a stunningly hot bird in my opinion – a very fresh girly look about her. It was my last set of a good three-hour session so I didn’t pay it much mind. You’ll see that it was going well but her time constaint meant I had to take a number without bedding it down with comfort. That makes it a roll of the dice.

I didn’t see her again. Why?

In my book I talk about the proper sequencing of a daygame street stop. The above-linked video is following the model but gets snipped short due to her being late to catch a bus. As the subtitles describe I’m able to get out the spontaneous opener and then tease / bridge into a conversation which kills her momentum. The vibing goes well as she’s smiling and giving back. So far so good. It’s as I start to move into the early stages of investment that she gives me her time constraint.

My book lays out the detail on why you need to invest her and begin comfort before you can have confidence that a number / instant date will work. Doing attraction material is fun and will hook her but if that’s all you do she gets a high buying temperature and walks away thinking “that was fun”. And that’s all. You were a clown. No-one cares to return a clown’s call. However if you can then move her into a real conversation about things that matter to her, and even better get her doing most of the conversational work, then you are showing her emotions that you are both fun and authentic. That’s when you can move to commit her for further interaction.

I couldn’t get there with this Estonian girl and thus I knew it was a roll of the dice. But I could read her hindbrain clearly – she liked me – so it was worth a punt at the number. Get a bunch of weak numbers like this and some of them turn into real dating.

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