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Outlaw Daygame – The Next Frontier Of Pick-Up

March 24, 2016

I’m sure you’re all aware my YouTube channel is kinda half-arsed. I just don’t much like editing videos or talking to a camera. I’m a writer, that’s my thing. Nonetheless, every once in a while I have something to show whether it’s an infield, a public talk, or some theoretical point that is faster to say than to write. In the spirit of Bernie Sanders, allow me to give away some free stuff.

I am posting the entirety of my talk that I gave in London on December 6th, 2015 for the Outlaw Daygame seminar I did with Eddie, Richard and Tom.

The YouTube crowd is rather intellectually-challenged and lacking an attention span so I’ve chopped the talk into pieces. Each video will cover one slide of the talk, representing one big idea at a time. The overarching theme of the talk was to show how to add masculine polarity to daygame at every stage of the interaction. An innovation I brought in is to differentiate between belligerence and smoothness as two gears to shift between in your game.

As you’ll see belligerence and masculinity is not acting like an ADHD drunken moron and trying to pull the fattest, drunkest, sluttiest girls who walk home from the bar. I’ll leave that to the US PUA community as it probably works better over there. I think my readers are more interested in how to get the hot sober girls and Y-H-T game requires more finesse.

On an unrelated note – I’m so fucking tired of seeing fake infields and bullshit seminar up-sell talks that I’m loosening my prohibition on accusing other daygamers / nightgamers of being fakes. I will thus trial a new comment policy as follows:

  • You can accuse anyone at all of faking videos or telling lies about their results. You can also call out bullshit advice. This applies to the London daygamers as much as it does every other style of game, and includes manosphere writers. Just make sure you offer a considered argument to support your case and there is no risk of you being banned.
  • The only exceptions to this rule are (i) me (ii) Tom Torero  (iii) Street Attraction (iv) Steve Jabba. If you really want to accuse us of stuff, do it on another platform. I’m sure plenty of people will be willing to host that debate.
  • I probably won’t offer my own opinion on any accusations against other guys, as it seems my opinion carries a little weight in these parts. If I don’t like your comment I’ll just delete it rather than ban you. The only exception to this rule is if you’re obviously just a PUAhate type looking for a platform to rant.
  • If you’re the one being accused, you are welcome to respond.

I’m sick of charlatans tarring the PUA community with bullshit and fakes. Some of us have worked very hard for years to show you what real game looks like and I see no reason why the cheaters should be protected by an omerta. If this policy turns out to be a mistake I’ll rescind it – and I’ll announce it as such so you know the free-for-all is over.

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