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Outlaw Daygame

November 20, 2015

One thing I’ve noticed over 2015 is that London Daygame is most definitely a “thing” and Euro Jaunting is an increasingly popular lifestyle choice. Some men get to take their income geographically independent and live the Ferris-like dream. Others prefer to “oil-rig” it by working a few months on / few months off model. The less lucky souls have the 9-5 office grind but scalp a few long weekends here and there to board a flight Thursday night and still be back in the office Tuesday morning.

Personally, I have mixed feelings about it all.

On the one hand it’s great that there’s a pool of ever-improving men living the life I do and whether it’s a quick street chat when they recognise me, or a new friendship when we realise we hit it off well. There’s something less lonely and isolated about knowing that in any major city in Europe I know exactly where to go and what to look for to find a fellow traveller. It’s like Fight Club.


Happens every time I idate to a cafe

The fact they all buy my products and thus enable me to live like this is purely a coincidence. Honest.

The downside is that cities can get burned. There are enough barriers to overcome in getting laid from daygame without contending with the additional early-open Bitch Shield every girl suddenly developed because word got round that a bunch of foreigners are spamming the town and posting videos on the internet. Usually, it’s not a problem but every now and then it really stinks a place out.

All things considered, it’s mostly upside. I’ve met 7 or 8 fellows this year who I really like and now treat as travel buddies. There’s probably another 15 who I wouldn’t ever call up to arrange a trip but if they see me on the street I might share a coffee and a chat. Take it from me, when you’ve been Euro Jaunting as long as I have you come to really appreciate how difficult it is to find suitable friends. The pre-requisites each must meet are vanishingly rare and then they’ve got to like you too. Considering what a stubborn, obsessive bunch daygamers are (myself included) it’s surprising we don’t come to blows on a high-pressure Game trip.

When it works out, there’s a real Rat Pack vibe on trips. There’s a genuine underground community and it’s increasingly taking shape and becoming self-aware. With that in mind lets talk about my next public speaking enagement – Outlaw Daygame. It’s in London on Sunday 6th December beginning 11am. See the sign-up page here for details.

Admit it, you're scared

Admit it, you’re scared

Back in March, Tom and I were in Prague filming our Beginner Daygame free video and we got talking about if there’s some way to bring the separate practitioners of the London daygame style together. We felt like the r-selection shift was working well but their must be a way of pushing further forward. There must be a way to keep the solo sigma attitude of daygame but take the harsh edges off its isolation and pressure. Beer was drunk and eventually we hit upon the outlaw biker gang as an opt metaphor. While we don’t run guns, peddle drugs, or have an excellent TV series about us there are some similarities.

We’d long felt like our nomadic solo daygame made us outsiders. There is something inherently rebellious and fuck-the-system about it. You could say we were dating against some kind of machine. Six months pass and then Tom is in Kazakhstan with Eddie from Street Attraction bemoaning the woeful lack of local talent to shoot at. Minds wander and they soon hatch a plan to put on event in London that will put an exclamation point on this gradually emerging London Daygame movement.

“Nick, would you like to be involved?” says Eddie. “Me, you, Tom and Richard.”

Everyone reading this knows all about Tom’s skills and material. Through 2015 I’d had a couple of trips with Eddie and one with Richard so I’d seen with my own eyes that they belong. Right then, count me in! There’ll be a talk from each of us, a long Q&A, and probably also a general meet & greet over beers afterwards. Anyone bringing a book can have it signed, if that’s the sort of thing you like. I haven’t actually finalised my talk so if anyone has good ideas, let me know in the comments.

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