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Over-age British-born girl who isn’t so naive

January 10, 2011

My game only works on young girls who are in a foreign country and thus it’s just the English accent and the economic disparities that get the girl attracted. Oh, and that they are speaking in a second language. That’s why anyone can score beautiful models in places like Lithuania and Croatia. You don’t even need game.

I know this because PUAhate and the Reddit manginas* know this.

So this afternoon I specifically went looking for an English girl. Call it reaction-seeking if you will. I was gonna conquer my total dislike of English girls and get one just to prove it’s actually easier than getting a pretty foreigner.

It was tougher than I thought – I couldn’t find any I liked. It was a pretty dry day altogether. Jimmy only did one set. Bhodisatta only did a few. Just too dreary a day to find any girls on the streets worth opening. I ended up doing four sets:

First was a stunning tall thai girl. A full-on ten. She chatted a few minutes but gave a convincing boyfriend defense. Nice interaction but going nowhere. Next was this girl in the video. a British-born girl of Bengali ancestry. Closest I could get of what was available. Third girl was a nice dusky beauty from Mauritus Islands. Went ok but no sexual vibe and no close. Then lastly while I was waiting for the bus home I number closed and touched up [with her giggling permission] a cute Italian tourist. No video, unfortunately. It was the best set of the day.

Anyhoo, here’s the Brit/Bengali and then the full facebook chat we had later this evening. It’s on. I didn’t turn my mic on but you can hear her giggling when I’m asking her to show me her arse and other daft stuff. Good playful vibe. Anyone using this video to learn should focus on the body language and in particular how little my feet move, the strong stance, and the wide sweeping gestures. Most of her laughs coming when I’ve done some verbal escalation.

Me 23:28 – she’s checking me out……  [assumed familiarity, frame her as chasing and a definite man-woman vibe]
Her 23:28 – looool    hey
Me 23:29 – ð
Her 23:29 – so wat you upto?  [god I hate textspeak. Gonna tell her off for this later when there’s more rapport. Set a boundary]
Me 23:29 – just finished training, had a shower  [DHV, draw the question]
Her 23:30 – training for what?  [investment]
Me 23:30 – kickboxing    I love it!  [joy for life, in a manly activity]
Her 23:30 – awwww cool
Me 23:30 – I built a gym in our house    Punchbag, pads, mirror etc    we often train together, sparring etc  [expand on the DHV]
Her 23:31 – im jealous  [IOI]
Me 23:31 – haha, don’t tell me you like fighting  [challenge]
Her 23:31 – one thing i really wana do is kick boxing  [rapport seeking, and also just really nice she’s got a shared interest]
Me 23:31 – I’ll never believe it  [defiance. Women love a defiant man]
Her 23:31 – loool    i love fighting    i like rugby i like boxing    i like anything with violence    ð  [she is genuinely interesting me here. I like this alot]
Me 23:32 – +15 points for you    you’re full of surprises  [reward]
Her 23:32 – loool    can i ask…how old are you?  [IOI]
Me 23:32 – yes, you can  [defiance…]
Her 23:33 – …………
Me 23:33 – I’ll tell you if you go first  […but not evasion]
Her 23:33 – loool    im 21    turning 22 soon
Me 23:34 – oh dear    too young for me :/  [say it before she does]
Her 23:34 – loool    how old are you?
Me 23:34 – 35  [no apologies, no rationalising]
Her 23:34 – lol    how old did you think i was?
Me 23:35 – dunno    didn’t think about it    what’s your mental age?  [shrug it off and stack into a more positive thread]
Her 23:35 – hmmmmm well 12 some of the time    28 most of the time
Me 23:36 – ….full of surprises…..    I think my mother warned me about girls like you  [tease]
Her 23:36 – how?    y????    im a good girl  [enjoys tease]
Me 23:36 – all cute on the outside, and big trouble on the inside  [IOI and tease combined, keeping romantic frame]
Her 23:36 – hmmm i agree with that    i can’t believe you like pandas  [remembering our conversation and responding to contrast game]
Me 23:37 – I like lots of things I’m not supposed to    I guess I’m a rebel  [retarded – I’m framing liking pandas as if it’s a counter-cultural statement]
Her 23:38 – hmmm    its coz not many ppl like pandas
Me 23:38 – they are so cute
Her 23:38 – coz they think their fat and lazy    ð¦Â Â Â  yhhhh i love themmmmm    ð   [shared interests – simple rapport]
Me 23:39 – if you go on youtube and search “pandas fighting”    so cute    what are you doing now?  [move the conversation on, leading. No need to get stuck in attraction – I have enough value to ask simple rapport questions]
Her 23:39 – lol ok ill try that now  [I didn’t intend this as a hoop, but she’s jumping through anyway]
Me 23:39 – what are you doing now?    BTW my internet is very slow    I’m getting some of your messages twice
Her 23:41 – lol its kl    ok
Me 23:42 – txt spk = -2 points  [tell her off. I’m serious. I hate text speak]
Her 23:42 – welm just on my laptop in bed     checking my mail before i go to sleep    im sorry  [allows me to tell her off. She doesn’t get so bad again]
Me 23:42 – heh     Has it been a good day?  [rapport, and try to frame her to anchor the whole day positively]
Her 23:43 – yh its been a really good day    went out with a friend and had dinner and shisha    so that was fun and entertaining
Me 23:43 – is that your normal way of relaxing?    you don’t seem like a party girl  [simple cold read]
Her 23:44 – yh thats my normal way of relaxing    and your right im not a party girl
Me 23:44 – +10  [reward]
Her 23:45 – ive actually never been out to a club coz i dont like that atmosphere
Me 23:45 – um…. then how do you know you don’t like it?  [tease]
Her 23:46 – because ive been to parties and after half an hour i just feel like i cant be round people who are drunk    i don’t drink myself    so thats not the atmosphere i wana be round really    want to***   [giving up some of her real self, and correcting herself from text speak]
Me 23:48 – I see    -1 then +1
Her 23:48 y – then +    ?
Me 23:48 – are you a reader?
Her 23:48 – what read books?
Me 23:48 – books and stuff    with long words, and no pictures  [playful way of asking normal rapport material. I’m screening. I like readers]
Her 23:49 – lol    yh i love reading books    but havent havent really had the time or found the right beek to entice me recently    book**
Me 23:49 – I try to read one a week  [DHV, contrast game] What’s the last book you read? Truth, please. Don’t try and pretend something really deep and clever if it wasn’t ð [frame her as wanting to impress me]
Her 23:50 – thats really good    well its a book which i havent even finished yet    its called lies of locke lamore    but i think last book i properly finished was was achebe’s things fall apart
Me 23:52 – who is achebe? not the warrior from Troy….    sounds like a little dog
Her 23:52 – loool no
Me 23:53 – “hey, I like your dog”….. “thanks, she’s a chebe”
Her 23:53 – loool    noooo    chinua achebe    african writer
Me 23:54 – that’s a furry little dog  [she’s responded well, keep needling her]
Her 23:54 – looool no thats a chow chow
Me 23:54 – o…….kay  [I’m not quite sold on her]
Her 23:54 – they are sooooo cute    like little bears  [so she qualifies harder]
Me 23:54 – I’m ambivalent about bears  [a thoroughly retarded statement]
Her 23:55 – y?
Me 23:56 – panda, polar and grizzly are good
Her 23:56 – well a chow chows cute
Me 23:56 – kaola bad    koala    and I’m suspicious of animals that root around in bins at night, which I heard brown bears do  [I am a man who has clear preferences]
Her 23:56 – i think kaolas look evil
Me 23:56 – polar bears probably would too, if there were bins in the artic
Her 23:59 – so you no longer work in investment banking    wat do you do now???    except for kickboxing    ???  [IOI]
Me 00:00 – I’ve sort of had a few careers. Investment banking is the main one. Might go back to it in a year or two    I’ve also been a fight journalist in Japan    taught in junior high school    wrote a few books.    how about you?
Her 00:05 – wow  [I’ll call that an IOI]
Me 00:06 – do you have a favourite fighter?
Her 00:07 – no favourite fighter just like watching people fight  [I like this girl!]
Me 00:08 – all your messages are five minutes behind and a bit random. I can’t tell if FB chat is broken, or you are a little slow  [tease]
Her 00:08 – loool    im not slow    its facebook
Me 00:11 – apologies for my slow internet. having problems with it today    I live in an old people’s care home
Her 00:11 – hmmmm    ok cool    do you have any children?  [IOI]
Me 00:12 – no    the kids on my facebook are my nephews    little bastards    ð
Her 00:13 – i see you love them alot
Me 00:17 – very much    I’m teaching [youngest] to do judo, and [oldest] to do kickboxing    my internet is annoying me    I think I’ll go downstairs and join my gang  [show some softness, then takeaway]
Her 00:19 – ok    well im going to go to bed now    but speak to you soon  [wants more]
Me 00:20 – sleep well    sweet dreams ð   [not promising more]
Her 00:20 – night night sweet dreams    ð

* Most of the Reddit posters are normal guys trying to learn. But there’s a few Haterade-drinking mangina virgins who will invent any old bullshit to try and hold their crumbling reality together.

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