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Player’s Path – London Seminar on March 2nd

February 15, 2019

It’s been something of an annual custom for me to do two things in winter: release a major new product, and do a London seminar. Though I was tempted to do both an infield video product and a new daygame textbook this year, ultimately…. I just couldn’t be bothered. The memoir is more important to me, so I’m doing that first.

However, I do rather enjoy these seminars. It’s nice to visit my old stomping ground in London. At last year’s Daygame Infinite talk there was a big room full of keen daygamers and I got properly steaming drunk right after. Happy times.

So, imagine my pleasure when Eddie Hitchens of Street Attraction raised the topic of doing another seminar this year. He was sitting on some infields he and Richard had shot, and also a book he’d been working on. Their fellow coach George had been on a deep dive into the sociology side of Game and the manosphere. The Street Attraction lads had things they wanted the world to see.

As did I.

I’d only recently committed myself to finishing the seven-volume memoir series. Rather than pitch a product at the seminar, I quite fancied the idea of taking a holistic look back at my Player’s Journey, at the themes that emerged as I tackled each volume of the memoir. This would be the first time presenting live where, as far as I was concerned, I was looking back on the Game rather than being intimately involved as an active player. What interesting snippets could I share to men following the same road as myself, men who started later and have yet to see things I’ve grown very familiar with?

Everything is lined up now. The venue is booked. The ticket page is up.

Design jpg 2

Definitely not influenced by Resident Evil 2 or Days Gone logos.

So, if you’d like to hear me rattled on about life as a player, go sign up. Eddie, Richard, and George will also be presenting so you won’t have to suffer my rambling for the whole six hours. More details on the ticket page here.

P.S. In other news, I decided I will coach some residentials this year. Check this page for more details, and there’s a detailed review from a former client here. I’ll post more soon, but I’m accepting enquiries now. I’ll probably limit myself to three clients for 2019.

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