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Prague Stories #1

July 20, 2013

I recently came back from a three-day jaunt to Prague. It was a pretty good holiday but no outstanding sets or good luck with Yes Girls. Nonetheless some stories stick in the mind. Towards the end of the third day I’d finally hit a good vibe and rattled off a string of good sets with solid work. While headed up to my hostel I see a hot girl walking past. I open…..

Sigma, yesterday

Sigma, yesterday

There’s strong eye contact, she’s loving it and the whole vibe is subdued. Then a couple of minutes in she gives me the “I’ve got a boyfriend”. That’s where it becomes interesting.

Me: Hmmmmm. Is it serious?

Her: I guess. I’ve been living with him over a year.

Me: So….. what’s the chances of you being able to slip out of the window one night to come and have a drink with me?

Her: [actually thinks about it for five seconds]. No, I can’t. But maybe we can have coffee before you go?

Me: Ok. Give me your number.

Her: [while putting her number in]. You know it’s really cool how direct you are. It’s boring in a long relationship, guys don’t tell you you’re pretty.

Me: I’ll bet the sex gets boring too.

Her: Yes.

So this girl has a foot outside the relationship or she’d have never entertained me. I fire out a text the next morning.

Me: My last day so I must find goulash… nom nom nom ð

Her: ð you should, its the best. blah blah blah [very long text about restaurant advice]

Me: Thanks hon ð I’m going to the airport at 7pm. Wanna squeeze in a quick coffee?

Her: Wish I could ð¦ we’re blah blah blah [long apologetic excuse]… Really do wish I could though. Are you often in Prague?

Me: I expect to be back later this year ð I’ll add you to Facebook when I’m back in London

Her: ð Do that. There’s a picture of my butt ð I hope to see you when you get back, then. I’m sorry about today, would love to go for a coffee but I really can’t leave the house today.. I was hoping to get to England later this summer but finishing my work is taking much longer that I thought… Next year for sure, though.

Me: [back in England two days later] I couldn’t find a butt….

Her: ð I guess only friends can see it, try it now [accepts add]

I then immediately take the conversation over to Facebook.

That escalated quickly...

That escalated quickly…

A long dirty sex chat follows until Bhodi is knocking on my door to go outside and I have to bring it to a close.

We'll call this a boyfriend-destroyer

We’ll call this a boyfriend-destroyer

So this is the kind of bad luck I’ve been having. A hot bird who is absolutely gagging for it, would be a proper dirty whore in bed…. and logistics render it all impossible. On the plus side I’m getting more dirty photos for my collection. My long wait for a proper Yes Girl continues. Sometimes the luck is against me.

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