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PUA and Serial Killing #1 – Facial Handedness

July 12, 2017

I’ve just finished reading Christopher Berry-Dee’s latest paperback Talking With Psychopaths And Savages which I picked up at the airport on my way out to Kiev. CBD has made a career out of meeting serial killers in prison and interviewing them for books and TV. For his latest book he’s put aside the grisly details of murder and instead focused entirely on the psychology of the serial killer.

He’s not actually a psychologist, which is a major plus in his favour [1]. He’s also not very red pill [2] Nonetheless the fact that he’s a down-to-earth man of a wolfish bent [3] means he has a lot of insight. He provides all the data to draw parallels between homicidal psychopathy, narcissism (especially covert type) and r/K selection. He actually explicitly draws parallels between the first two in the book.

The book spends eight chapters outlining his theory then nine chapters each devoted to a case study of a murderous psychopath he interviewed. I liked the book and recommend it. However, if you’re in the PUA community be ready for lots of spooky passages where you think “this sounds just like [insert public PUA coach]”

But I get ahead of myself.

The very last chapter of the book is Could You Have Spotted These? in which CBD wraps up his ongoing theory that homicidal psychopaths are impossible to identify until it’s already too late for the victims and that such men construct a glib impressive facade [4] that fools normal people into believing they too are normal. Well, CBD, I probably could have spotted them. Pretty damn sure I would have if I’d ever spoken to them in person.

And to that I must thank Anonymous Conservative and his study of facial handedness. Let’s have a look at it, shall we?

“[there is a] Chinese idea that when people consciously try to generate a facial expression, the facial expression will be handed, with the right side of the face usually presenting a more effective expression of emotion, just as most people exhibit greater dexterity with their right hand. Likewise, this means that deceptive people hiding emotion will generally mask their underlying emotional state more effectively with the right side of their face, meaning the left side will be more of a true face, or the more honest representation of their underlying, true emotional state.”

AC then goes on to devote several posts to mirroring photos of known sociopaths and narcissists to demonstrate facial handedness in action. Remember why this is so important to our subjects:

  1. Homicidal psychopaths must hide their emotions in order to blend into normal society and to lull their victims into dangerous situations.
  2. Narcissists must hide their emotions in order to present a convincing false idealised self that hides the low self-esteem they really suffer.

When you spend a lifetime faking emotions and one side of your face is dominant, you’ll develop an imbalance equivalent to going to the gym and curling heavier dumbbells on one side than the other [5] Thus facial handedness could be expected to become increasingly pronounced as a person ages or as the degree of incongruence between true emotions and faked emotions increases.

I Google Image searched all nine case studies in CBD’s book and found…. well…. why don’t you have a look. Scan each photo once to get a feel for the wonkiness of the face. Then put a paper (or thumb) over the right side, then the left. Consider the difference in which emotion appears to be expressed in each, and try to simulate that expression in front of a mirror to see which emotion it brings up in you.


I’ve inserted two non-killers as a control test

Sorted? This isn’t a foolproof test or anything but it’s pretty blatant once you’re looking for it, no?

I think the above photos actually show one of two situations:

  1. The serial killer is trying to show a plain face, in which case the right side succeeds but the left side shows the killer’s dominant emotion while at rest (usually rage or sorrow)
  2. The serial killer is trying to fake a particular emotion (usually happiness), in which case the right side succeeds but the left side is unconvincing and comes off shallow and vacant.

This is probably one of the many reasons humans have evolved to sense and value facial symmetry and why crazy people almost always strike you as crazy if you clear your mind and listen to your gut. In the next post I’ll draw some parallels between serial killing and the PUA lifestyle.

If you get off on the grisly adventures of sociopathic drifters, you’ll probably masturbate over the rotting corpse of my memoirs Balls Deep, Deplorable Cad and Adventure Sex

[1] The entire criminological psychiatric profession is a case of rabbits working tirelessly to release murderous criminals into the world as super-predators in order to recreate the conditions of r-selection that rabbits need to out-compete wolves. CBD doesn’t know r/K theory so he remains befuddled by this aspect and constantly ascribes the release of obvious serial killers to incompetence or well-meaning errors.
[2] Thus he takes at face value when the wives of all of these obvious sexual sadists claim they really didn’t know what their husband was, and also seems bemused why so many borderline women would seek out the serial killers and get killed by them.
[3] Unlike the bottom-feeders of the True Crime genre, CBD is not writing to get sexual kicks from the squalor and danger of serial killers. He’s actually methodically collecting evidence to keep them locked up and he’d clearly rather just execute them all. Good on him.
[4] Not unlike a PUA YouTube channel
[5] The compulsive masturbator’s asymmetry, I believe it could be called.

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