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Reading Body Language Of Girls

October 18, 2017

As will become clear from Daygame Infinite, calibration is key to advanced daygame. It’s the elusive skillset all wannabe players chase, the ability to know where a girl is at psychologically and therefore what you need to do next. Is she into me? Is she up for it? Is she telling the truth? [1]

Lie to me

“okay, so you average seven girls a month but you lost your phone with all the evidence on it….”

Good daygamers are body language experts [2] which is exactly what you’d expect considering key aspects of daygame are:

  • an incredible amount of social contact with new people
  • constant formulation and testing of behavioural hypotheses
  • both you and the girl have skin in the game
  • constant diagnostics and debriefing to promote continuous learning.

When you’ve spent two years and two thousands sets on the daygame beat you’ll have a finely attuned radar for reading a girl’s body language. You won’t know everything, and there will be large gaps in your knowledge [3], but you are far sharper than before you began. Additionally, if you’ve done sufficient inner game work to smooth out your own mental kinks then you’ll be better able to perceive the data clearly rather than have your ego get in the way [4]

Daygame Infinite goes into considerable detail on how to calibrate. I’ll say more at a later date [5] but for now I want to make a recommendation for all you would-be body language experts. I’ve found a fantastic YouTube channel that uploads dozens of interviews and speeches from the news and then analyses the speaker for tells of honesty and deception. I’ve watched little else these past few evenings and I’d like to pass on the tip.

The channel proprietor is clearly a Trump supporter so some of you [6] may take umbrage at that but it’s pretty easy to filter that stuff out. She also has videos which are completely non-political such as serial killers, crisis actors, and abuse survivors. You can quite easily pass on the Hillary and Podesta videos and still have lots of non-triggering material to learn from her.

So, what is there to learn? I’d say Bombard’s Body Language channel is especially good for the following:

  • Focus on the tiniest of signals above the large amounts of worthless noise. Body language reading requires you to appreciate just how small the key signals can be, and how you need to be expecting them to see them. Daygame is just like that, such as the flash of attraction that may pass through a girls eyes, letting you conclude “she fancies me”
  • The importance of tuning out from the content of the speaking to instead see what the body is telling you.
  • The ways of spotting “portrayal”, her word for when a speaker is seeking to fake particular emotions. One such clue is real emotions have many tells appearing together (e.g. a smile is both mouth and eyes) whereas portrayal is usually only one isolated tell at a time.
  • Understanding that sometimes you aren’t getting any relevant information about the topic you wish to address, because you haven’t sent out the appropriate probe. This is especially relevant to escalation: you can’t judge feedback signals if you never triggered the feedback by sending the probe

I’ve linked a few good videos in this post but I thoroughly recommend the channel. It’ll get lots of you verbal-obsessives closer to the real world of game: subcommunication.

[1] If she’s female and moving her mouth, probably not
[2] Whereas high-volume spam approachers most definitely are not. They try to compensate for their lack of skill by brute-forcing it with volume until a Yes Girl takes them all the way to bed.
[3] Because we are scanning mostly for signs of interest and availability, rather than other signs such as truth-telling
[4] Many beginners mistake social hook point for sexual interest, for example, because they don’t want to face the fact they probably aren’t very attractive to women yet
[5] Or else all my points will be quickly uploaded into a free YouTube video without credit, as seems to happen suspiciously often
[6] The faggots, traitors and morons

If you are interested in calibration while picking up girls, you’re gonna fucking love Daygame Infinite. I’d best keep cracking on with getting it ready for publication, shouldn’t I?

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