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Red Man Group Live

June 5, 2020

Right then dickheads. I’m sitting on a public bench in London, waiting hours for a train. Everywhere is shut, except two poxy takeaway coffee joints [1]. Naturally, I’m not allowed to sit inside and wait, like a normal person. Oh no! My arse will not be treated to a cushioned seat today. What a bag of shite. Having been in Belgrade the past four months the whole let’s-be-faggots-in-England Covid restrictions passed me by [2] and it takes some getting used to being suddenly reminded of them.

But it’s not all bad, is it? I just scoffed a tuna and mayonnaise sandwich, and the latte served by the aforementioned poxy cafe was actually pretty good. I’m gonna be playing Metro Exodus on a 48″ flat-screen TV the moment I get back to Krauser Headquarters North [3]. In fact, my mood has improved considerably in the space of just two paragraphs.

That’s emotional control for you, lads.

Things are all a little coincidental of late. Roy Walker was booked to come over to Belgrade for a long weekend [4] and then Jimmy Jambone was roped in too. By the wildest of coincidences they booked a flight that would land approximately fifteen minutes after my flight out of Belgrade took off.

Those crazy lads! What a coincidence! [5]

As if that’s not enough Mr White and Xants were due to meet me for a coffee as I passed through London but then by the wildest coincidence, they suddenly got a load of work on and can’t quite make it.


High value, today

So I’m sitting in the train station in the ghost town of London, having only been in the country for two hours, and some lad comes up and asks, “are you Nick Krauser?”

Frankly, I’m not even sure any more.

Anyway, that’s all just a pointless digression to fill a bit of space before I link the final video I appear in from last summer’s The 21 Convention in Warsaw. Here I am with the Red Man Group pontificating on all kinds of things.

If you’d like to donate to #Krauser’sLifeMatters so that I can get myself a new TV and pair of Nike Jordans, please contribute $199 to Daygame Overkill here.

[1] Whose free Wi-Fi I’m using, so I’m every so slightly grateful.
[2] And, fucking hell, the disgusting multiculturalism really hits hard after four months around nothing but proper people.
[3] Mum and dad’s house.
[4] However much you are missing daygame, you are not missing it as much as him. I can assure you.
[5] It was, right?

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