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Roissy Gives Me The Rub

August 12, 2010

Everything in life is like pro wrestling. In this case:

Rub – This is when a top performer tries to get a lower card performer over by associating with them, usually not by jobbing but working a competitive match with them or allowing them to cut a promo on them or look good in an angle.”

I log into my WordPress dashboard and see my site hits have gone spastic. Turns out Roissy Chateau has discussed my 1-on-1 review of Yad and sent a shitload of his readers over to me. On the first day my page views are 400% above the norm. Next day it’s 500%. As if that’s not enough Assanova is saying nice things about me too.

Feeling pretty good about myself right now. Almost as good as when I did that Muslim virgin up the arse. Thanks fellas.

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