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Romanian 19yr old part one: This is how I run attraction and framing

July 22, 2011
My book goes into detail on how to create a fun vibing energy to get a girl enjoying your company and then gradually flip the script on her so she begins chasing you (investment) and you’ve framed yourself as the prize. Words are useful but I guess video helps convey the energy. So here’s one.

Ok, if I have to....

This was a routine street pickup while I was out with Whitewolf. My first three sets had been no-gos as I struggled to find my vibe but then it hit well with this girl. During the ten minute approach she was fun and giggly but said she’d come to London with her boyfriend of two years just a few days earlier. I took the number and didn’t expect much. Then half an hour later while I happen to have bumped into Yosha, my phone rings. She is asking if I want to help her shop for a blanket. Hmmmmm. I say yes but I’m not expecting much. Perhaps the girl is trying to make me follow her around like a puppy dog and collapse my frame. But I remember her energy was great during the approach so I take the chance. She comes to me and off we go to Primark. I’ve added a commentary. I’ve got another video to put up showing the Deep Rapport and Verbal Escalation I did half an hour later in the pub with her.
0:01 – She’s playing around, investing and being girly
0:31 – Simple leading, telling her what to do as we find the queue
1:53 – Rapport seeking from her
2:05 – More rapport seeking as she finds a commonality then IOIs with the hair toss
2:10 – Cocky funny and being dominant, setting the frame that I have to go easy on her
2:47 – I’m allowing her to draw the DHVs out of me
3:21 – Her hindbrain is fully into me now with this kind of rapport-seeking, IOIing and generally girly behaviour. I’m letting all the energy come from her – that’s investing her
4:00 – I’m letting her invest while showing non-commital interest. She knows I’m paying attention but doesn’t know if I approve of it.
4:39 – Playfully introducing contrast game
5:04 – She’s doing callback humour to the initial approach when I said she looked like a hamster on cocaine, to which she replied “are you saying I’m a junkie hamster?”
5:23 – Note how she’s constantly trying to keep me engaged and always turning to me to give attention. She’s chasing.
5:55 – I’m about to introduce sex for the first time in the interaction. Notice it’s generalised sex talk with a clear inference its about her.
6:30 – She badmouths her boyfriend in a fairly innocuous manner but I have to tell her off a little, but without looking like I actually give a shit.
6:51 – Logistics and background to find out if she can be poached or if it has to be sex on the side.
7:01 – Turn it into qualification
7:21 – Defiance. I’m not gonna agree with what she says just to seek rapport. I’m not a pushover
7:28 – I thought of this on the spot in this video, and now use it alot. The “2 ways….” mini-routine.
7:37 – I made the blowjob sign for the 2nd thing
7:42 – Big-time hit! Thank you very much, people  *takes a bow*
8:02 – See the blonde girl in front of me is laughing. About five people in the queue cracked up when they overheard it
8:22 – Standard contrast game. I’m setting her up for fuck buddy rather than steal her from the boyfriend.
8:30 – Note how low my energy is the whole time. Low vocal tone, not speaking so much, letting her do all the running around.

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