Here’s an example of routine chats I use in facebook to keep distant girls on my radar, gradually building comfort and attraction until I get a good moment to amp it up. This is Goose, the 19yr old Lithuanian virgin I instant-dated from the street then had a long day 2 with in January.

The goal is to have her offer her virginity to me sometime in 2011. She’s talking about coming to London for University in Autumn. She’s a little messed up and low confidence so much of what I do is building her up or giving some light escapism from her humdrum routine. I’m not pushing hard sexually. I’ve already told her I intend to fuck her so no need to labour the point on a sexually inexperienced girl.


Me: Hey, you’re up late again
Her: its not late ;D    What about you?
Me: 1am is past your bedtime, young girl
Her: what have you been up to?    ð
Me: Still on holiday. It’s my last night
Her: nice ð so why are you here? ;D    you should be havin fun!
Me: My girlfriend went home this morning. So I finally have some peace and quiet ð
Her: peace and quiet? shouldnt you be having boys night out or smth? ð    and be like ‘finallyyy,shes gone!’ ð
Me: the latter   Just me and her came here
Her: youre all alone now? ð¦
Me: Yes. Completely    I’m a bit scared ð¦
Her: yeah,those monster.i get you :/
Me: I’m terrified now    I’ll have a nightmare    about a tall clumsy badly-dressed Lithuanian girl trying to kill me    ð
Her: well,she sounds pretty cool,so you probably deserve that.    but its only a dream,dear.
Me: If I control the dream, I’ll fight her with custard pies    and a water canon    I’ll push her back into the sea, then electrify it with power from a nuclear reactor, like in Godzilla
Her: see,youll be allright! ;D    so theres nothing to be scared of
Me: I’m never scared    I’m tough
Her: of course….

And there I leave it hanging. I’m not looking to stretch these chats out forever.