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Sargethon Day 3: Hordes of PUAs

September 16, 2009

Wednesday 17th September. I’m supposed to wing with Sai today from noon but he has to beg off and hooks me up with a wing of his who I meet for the first time. He seems fine, and subsequently shows himself to be around my level. My state was fantastic as I walked into town but I’d set my mind to have a coffee and play on my netbook first, and by the time I’m done I’m at risk of choding. 1pm and I rouse myself and head outside.

First set is HB8 Dusky who I don’t get a proper look at. I jump in front, say Hi then I notice her big wedding ring. I mumbled “Ah, I didn’t notice the ring. Never mind” and eject leaving her very confused about what the hell happened. Next set I don’t remember but I didn’t hook. Third set is outside the Nags Head. A petite HB7 Dancer. I open right in front of a punter having a pint outside so within a minute I pull her across the street a bit to reduce the social pressure (nice leading).

Krauser: Where you off to?
HB7: To school
Krauser: Uh? How old are you?
HB7: 17
Krauser: Dance school, right. You look like a dancer
HB7: Yes *smiles, thinks I’m clever*

She’s shy so I put in a new tweak where I put my hand on my heart, lean back non-threateningly and say “Oh, you’re a bit nervous aren’t you. This is a bit weird”. She nods and by explicitly acknowledging it improves her sense of my social calibration. We chat for about six or seven minutes but she won’t give out her number. She actually says “I don’t give out my number” rather than “I won’t give you my number”

The pub punter comes and talks to me. Turns out he’s writing a book on the game and shadowing a two-month PUA immersion course thats just started and Covent Garden is about to be invaded by a dozen PUAs for the first in-field of the course. Crikey. We chat and I introduce myself to the guys as they show up. I want to put names to faces and just vibe a bit. Then for the rest of the afternoon they are mostly in their big group by the station while my new wing and I wander further afield and occasionally stop back to chat with them.

I’m an approach machine but not hooking so well. I Facebook close HB6 Russian dancer and again find it very easy to cold read dancers and to DHV / vibe about the industry. This one has just come back from swimming so is without makeup. She’s better than this photo looks

I work my new timidity tweak into two different sets, both British-born Indian girls. First one chats with me five minutes or so even though she’s late coming back from her lunch break. I try an experiment I’d set aside for today – to talk in a really relaxed matter of fact way about something totally boring that happens to interest me – just to see if they’ll play along. It’s about projecting non-neediness and being comfortable in your own reality. So I talk about how I’m trying to find the right coffee for my machine at home. I spin it out a minute or too and she’s actually listening. Don’t close though.

The second one is very nervous but again not trying to escape. I get ten minutes with her but she mentions her boyfriend and won’t give me her number. I do get he expanded timidity tweak in, literally ten minutes after hearing about it from one of the PUA instructors earlier:

Krauser: I’m making you nervous aren’t I? Sorry, that really wasn’t my intention etc
HB7: *relaxes a bit, notes my social calibration*

All together I open about 15 sets and only close that one Russian. The most memorable set however is a 6-set German 18yr olds. My wing situational opens a girl almost dozing against a lamppost in the market. It’s a 2-set. I give him a minute then walk back to occupy the obstacle. As I walk the four girls on the bench in front lean over their shoulders and engage the 2-set. Ok, it’s a 6-set. A wing is needed.

I start with the nearest obstacle:

Krauser: Hey wing! Who are your new friends? *shakes hand, turns to obstacle*

I find out they are German and ask where is good to visit in Dusseldorf cos I will be visiting soon. The four girls on the bench are turning their heads trying to be in the conversation. After thirty seconds or so:

Krauser: OK, I’ll come round *stands in front of them* Let’s be introduced. I’m Krauser *goes to shake hands from left to right*
HB5: I’m blah blah *sounds like “onion”*
Krauser: Onion? Like the vegetable. Nice to meet you Onion *all the girls laugh*
HB7: I’m blah blah *sounds like “casino”*
Krauser: Casino? What’s with you girls. Nice to meet you Casino *all the girls laugh*

The next two girls have normal names. I suddenly hit perfect state. I start negging the shit out of them and every time I neg one the other three laugh, so I keep switching targets. The two prettiest are both IOIing me big time with hair twirls, necklace fiddling and doggy dinner bowl eyes. I have absolutely captured the set.

Turns out it’s actually a 45-set on a school trip and the teacher has left them for a while. I keep disqualifying like:

Krauser: Tell me something interesting
HB7: Uh…..uh…..
Krauser: You’re boring *all girls laugh. Start talking to other girl*

Krauser: How’s wing doing *looks* Oh he’s still chatting. I suppose I have to keep talking to you girls.

HB7: How old are you?
Krauser: Too old for you *smile*
HB7: No, really
Krauser: 30+
HB7: Oh, I thought you were about 25
Krauser: It’s my young heart

We’re in set about fifteen minutes. I get the girls to squeeze up so I can sit down and mini-isolate this HB7.

Then when the other HB7 wants to play I stand her up and get other HB7 to take a picture

I really ought to number close, or at least Facebook, with a line like “Gimmee your number so that when you escape from teacher we can go play” but I just don’t quite do it. I’m not sure what holds me back. It’s not nerves. Probably just some weird limiting belief that they are too young – even though they are all 18. I think it was the phrase “school trip” that ruined it for me. Great set though and a real reference experience for how easy it is to dominate sets with strong alpha state and liberal negging.

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