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Sargethon day 6: More PUAs than HBs

September 19, 2009
I start off solo and am really not feeling it. Non-stop sarging is hard work. It’s fun, and once you’re in state it’s really fun but getting those first few sets out of the way can be a pain. I’ve been walking the streets for hours at a time day after day. Good exercise I’m sure but combined with the mental fatigue from trying to keep state and motivate approach after approach, it’s leaving me drained by the time I get home.

That’s not to say I’m complaining. This has been an awesome week and I’ve really pushed through some barriers. In particular, approaching is now just part of me. It’s in my reality.

My first effort is HB5 Foreign on the stairway out of Charing Cross station. She looks good from behind but the face is a disappointment and she can’t speak English. I just make an excuse and walk off. Next is HB6 Brit who would’ve been an HB8 except for minor flaws, especially her skin. Not that it matters cos she just thanks me and keeps walking.

I head up to Covent Garden station and immediately notice 3 PUA apprentices just starting work. It takes me about three seconds to spot them, and they haven’t even done an approach yet. There’s just something about their clothes, manner, and scanning of the crowd. Sure enough, within thirty seconds the little one has run off and approached. He does another two more, totally fearless and totally indiscriminate – he goes from an HB5 to an HB9. They stop and then dismiss him but the little guy’s got the right attitude. His mates are choding out but perhaps just taking a little time to warm up. I consider introducing myself but decide there’s not much point as they seem a good bit below my level.

How pompous is that, me of under 200 approaches. But that’s how I feel, so hey.

I realise I have to move fast if I’m to get into sets before mini-PUA queers them first. I approach HB9 Model. She stops, she talks. Early on she says she’s waiting for her boyfriend who is an actor with a house out in LA. She says she’s modelling commerical stuff, pointing to the photo displays at H&M of the girls in H&M clothes. That kind of thing. I realise this is unlikely to go anywhere but all time in-set with HB9 models is good experience of dealing with beauty. I naturally act confident and relaxed now that I’ve mentally written off this sarge so I get ten minutes and a Facebook close. I see her a half hour later with said boyfriend – and to give him credit he’s a cool guy who looks like an actor.

Subzero shows up and we team up, though he’s not really a daygamer so I do all the opening. I stop HB7 Swede on her ciggie break from her shop but its just a few minutes chat and a failed close. I get an extremely smiley response from HB5 Brit who is about to meet her mum but no close. I’m dismissed quick by HB8 Blonde then recover with a Facebook close of 2-set HB8 French who are shopping with mum and dad for the weekend. We continue down Covent Garden.

The PUAs are out in force today. I bump into Dr Yen, London Playboy and a couple others before going off to do more sets down Trafalgar Square. I get blown out by HB6 Brit so quick that 2 other PUAs who catch me in action barely get a chance to raise their video camera. More chatting and I feel like I’m spending more time in set with PUAs than HBs.

Finally I get a good set. HB8 Tall French storms past and I figure it’s a nice tough set. She stops but I have to cut her off with a sidestep and when she tries to wander off after the handshake I keep hold. Resistance is broken and she lights up a cigarette. Ten minutes in set and she’s doing crazy IOIs with her hair. I lead her a few feet and think I’m gonna get a solid number but she quakes a little and insists on taking mine only. I decide I’m gonna do my “forget the community dogma” close routine:

Krauser: I have to catch up to my friend now. Look, I’d like to meet you again. Can I take your number?

We’re by the market now and I get a possible AI from HB6 SanFran. Possible is enough, so I give chase. Again it needs a side-step to stop her momentum and I get a good ten minutes and a solid number using the same “authentic” number gambit. By now Subzero really needs to get himself a set so I throw him at HB7 Filipino. He hooks good and is in set so long that I get three closes in the same time.

HB7 Thai gives her number after two minutes and rushes to meet friends. A likely flake but she accepts my Facebook invite.

HB8 Brit is cradle snatching. She’s exactly what I go for – skin like milk coffee, buxom curves, fresh faced and dressed to show it all. I’ve got an ice cream and I realise it’s an excellent prop. It makes me seem relaxed, out doing normal things, and I can eat it while my brain ticks over. She’s loving the attention and kino. As I close:

Krauser: I think I’m gonna like you. I’d like to meet you again. Can I take your number?
HB8: *smiles, says nervously* I might be too young for you
Krauser: How old are you?
HB8: 16
Krauser: Really *genuinely surprised* I thought you were 18 or something
HB8: *cute smile*
Krauser: When’s your next birthday?
HB8: November
Krauser: Ok, let’s do Facebook till then. Is your father an angry man? I’ve got visions of him chasing me with a hammer.
HB8: *smiles* No, he’s nice.

I don’t think I’ll proceed with this one. She adds me later that night, as does HB9 Model from earlier. Last set here is HB7 Thai who is really petite and cute. She’s been left behind by some friends as she’s shopping. They call while I’m sarging and she laughs, telling them she’ll be late cos something weird just happened. An easy number close but feels flaky.

Finally Subzero extracts himself from the set and we go off for coffee and debriefing. My state is great, I feel like I could open anybody. Heading back out to walk home I get an AI from HB7 Czech. I follow her in to a shop and she see’s me coming, turning to face me with a beaming smile. That’s such an easy close but I stay on point and follow the steps, leading her outside the shop and locking in against the window, doing light kino etc. She’s got to pick up “her” kids (she’s an au pair) so I don’t try to instant date. The number looks solid.

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