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Sargethon Day 7: Supposed to be my day off

September 20, 2009

I really don’t want to game today so I head in to Covent Garden for 3pm and settle in at a cafe, playing on my Nintendo DS and playing with the new netbook. I’m getting lots of messages from HB7 Spain (her of the LJBF’d post months ago) and I consider going to Chinatown on her invite but decide against it.

I’m not getting laid, but my abundance mentality is such that I can’t be bothered following up any leads that don’t seem promising. Plus I’m gonna be out of the country for two weeks so I’d lose whatever momentum I build. Perhaps I’m rationalising avoiding making the calls and having the Day 2s. Whatever, it’s been a long week.

I get a call from a random dude that Sai put me in touch with. It’s the push I need to get going but I tell myself “Just one set and I’m done”. The guy is new and very nervous but to his credit he does open. After an hour of failing to find any sets (it really is dry) I spot a few in succession.

HB7 Spain is a tall rushing brunette who stops but seems to freak a little and rushes off saying she’s in a hurry. I say ok and turn back to cross the road. My wing informs me that she had walked on a couple of yards then turned back to me with a big smile and a “glow” like it had just sunk in and she wanted me to reopen. Unfortunately I missed all of this and by the time I’d crossed the road back to my wing for him to tell me, she was lost in the crowd. Damn.

Learning point: Don’t immediately walk off if a girl dismisses you. Wait a little while to see if she reconsiders.

Next is a miserable HB6 2-set who just say “We’re stressed” and keep walking. It’s very rare I feel like a girl dismissing me is a bitch, but I think these two were. I spot what appears to be a HB8 across the road and give chase. As I jump in front I realise she’s more like an HB5 Hot pants. I compliment her clothes, shake her hand, then eject quick.

I’m warmed up and in good state but it’s getting late. Finally I get a good set. HB7 Greek stops for me and we talk ten minutes. Unfortunately she’s going back to Greece before I get back to the UK so I say:

Krauser: Look, I’d like to meet you again but I don’t think it’ll work. Let’s stay in touch on Facebook
HB7: Ok, my name is……

I think this is a case where going straight to Facebook is justified. I do one more set, HB6 Saffa, and she looks like she’d have hooked but I revise her down to HB5 on a closer look.

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