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Sets that didn’t go according to plan

April 7, 2010

Since I got my in-field tech sorted out it’s been really easy to put up vids with synched sound, thus I’ve been recording nearly every approach from the past few weeks. I guess peeps could be getting the idea that I’m cherrypicking the best ones to try and make myself out to be hot shit. Not true. Every approach is getting a mention whether it’s a full vid or just a throwaway “did another three sets that didn’t hook” comment.

But I guess it’s fun to see people fucking up, so for your viewing edification here’s a compilation of sets from the past three weeks where I completely failed to hook. Some of them were quite painful to endure – in a humorous sort of way, as I stand ploughing and thinking “why do I even bother sometimes”.

Point and laugh…..

and just to remind you I’m not totally shit, here’s one I closed earlier….

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