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Sexualised day game

October 20, 2010

My daygame model is not meant for wusses. I’m trying to formulate something that captures the essence of alphaness and projects it onto the interaction. We don’t do daygame to be the friendly timid nice guy who would ever so much like the girls number if it’s not terribly troublesome to ask. We’re in it to pick up hot young chicks and fuck them. Then collect their souls and slot them into a harem.

So I’m testing out various sexual projections including right from the opener. Here’s an example. I eventually blew the set by pushing too hard for a street kiss close, but what the hell, it was fun.

The main thing to get is the importance of vibe and intent. I opened full on sexually – and fairly crass – but because my vibe is playful, honest, and spoken like the most natural thing in the world she just laughs and hooks. Within a couple of minutes she’s opening her jacket to show me her tits and then letting me grope her waist. Can’t ever go back to beta daygame…..


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