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Sho’nuff – The Shogun of Harlem

February 14, 2011

One of the hardest stumbling blocks for a guy learning game is to get his vibe right. In the beginning you can force yourself through strength of will to do approaches. It’s pretty easy to watch DVDs. You can start to relax a bit in set but sarging just feels like hard work. You are always thinking about the next line, the next tactic. You are “gamey”. For at least 90% of guys this is a stage that can’t be skipped. Unfortunately many guys stay there. They don’t do the deep dive into their identity. At best they become highly practised betas. And this will get them laid with 3-8 girls a year, none of high quality.


Allow me to use The Last Dragon to explain how an intermediate guy fixes his vibe.


Bruce Leeroy is a promising martial artist with a ton of potential. He’s doing all the hard work and he’s improving dramatically. He’s doing everything he should to build genuine value but he’s plateaued. His problem is fear of enlightenment. Sho’nuff has no such problem. His ego is out of control. He’s unable to accept himself and his value so he collects acolytes around him to suck state out of them to big himself up. Kinda like a pick-up guru. Everything he does is to demand unearned respect, he’s the grandstander bully. This is gonna end in a fight.


Let’s watch the fight.

0:05 – This is how you enter a club. Pure douchebag. Sho’nuff is imposing his vibe and state-crashing Leeroy

0:17 – We’ll call her the target. Pre-hogtied. How I like ’em

0:24 – Intense eye-fucking. Sixty would be proud

0:31 – Can you say “adrenalin dump”. Leeroy’s sliding into a submissive state here.

0:43 – Leeroy offers resistance. A shit test to see if Shonuff holds state

0:50 – Tight game doesn’t require much work. You just read the situation well and make small changes.

0:56 – Shit test past, bitch shield is blasted apart.

1:02 – Douchebag. It’s all in the eye contact and vocal tone. You are saying “I’m the boss of this interaction”

1:14 – Leeroy is trying to re-pump his state through workrate and physiology. Nice try.

1:21 – It’s ok to accept resistance if you frame it as part of the game before you win.

1:58 – Sometimes in set you aren’t sure where it’s going. Just focus on holding state and protecting your value

2:53 – Peak state. Most nightgame is focused towards building so much state and value with your friends that you are glowing with the unstoppable aura like the Shogun of Harlem

3:20 – You feel bulletproof and no rejection or shit test can phase you

5:00 – And now we get the question every intermediate gamer must ask himself. He’s been looking up to Sho’nuff / Mystery / the cool guys in the bar and acting like he’s not good enough for such exalted company. Is he gonna step up?

5:13 – That’s Dr Paul

5:32 – The leap of faith

5:38 – State / Aura / Lording

5:44 – I’ve seen chodes do this when I’m pulling girls to me under harsh pressure

6:10 – State crash. Nothing hits, it all seems so try-hard now.

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