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Skype Coaching Open

February 14, 2021

Covid has kind of screwed with the learning plans of ambitious daygamers. We all know how important it is to get onto the streets and do the sets. There’s no better way to learn than by doing. It’s why one-on-one coaching is so effective. Butâ¦. Covid. So many good places are locked down, and they wouldn’t let you through immigration anyway. And it’s winter so even in happy times the streets would be a bit grim.

What to do?

I’ve done a little coaching this winter over Skype video calls. It’s opened my mind to some benefits that in-field residentials can’t match [1], the main one being the time-lapse. Coaching a guy one hour every weekend breaks the learning points down into smaller chunks and allows a them a full week to sink in. Being off the street takes away the pressure to do sets and allows the brain to focus more on the theory and the nuts and bolts. It encourages more complex questions and longer answers to really get to the meat of things. I’ve also noticed Skype clients feel more comfortable seeking help on topics that aren’t so intimately tied with street work. They tend to want more on texting, dating, sex, and building their value internal and external.

I’m surprised how well this winter’s coaching went. So, I’ve decided to do more.

Let’s have at them, lads!

I will take on four coaching hours each Sunday afternoon. Whether that’s four lads at an hour each, or less clients with more time each, I don’t really care. Things my coaching has so far included are:

  1. Detailed analysis of audio in-fields;
  2. Answering questions about sticking points;
  3. Theoretical explanation of principles;
  4. Identifying weaknesses and developing plan to address them;
  5. Logisitics advice on euro jaunt destinations;
  6. Mindset development.

It doesn’t have to be limited to that stuff, though. Each call is one-on-one so the coaching addresses specific needs of the client. If that kind of thing interests you, let me know in the comments or by email at nick krauser 1 [at] gmail [dot] com.

I want to develop a consistent block of four hours each Sunday afternoon (GMT) with regular clients who are ambitious to make progress. I’m less interested in “just one hour” tire-kickers. So, for now, I’m offering a 4×4 package for £400 GBP. That’s four hours coaching, working out at £100 per hour, ideally at one hour per week for a month.

Intermediate and advanced daygamers will get the best value out of this but I’ll consider beginners too if I like the cut of your jib.

You should still buy Daygame Overkill here as it’s by far the best in-field video instructional series out there. It’s got ten infield recordings of me showing how it’s done with extremely detailed analysis so you can squeeze every drop of value out of the videos.

More of this please

[1] Resis are way better overall but they do have a few limitations.

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