Right then dickheads valued readers, here’s an update on my tortuously long daygame textbook project. Fuck me, if I’d realised writing an entire textbook full of new content was gonna be this hard I’d have just drunk my own piss or something instead.

Do you want to know a little about the book writing process within the esteemed halls of Sigma Wolf? You do, don’t you….. okay, you twisted my arm. I’ll tell you. But first, a screen grab of the draft Infinite layout.

Infinite screen grab 1

If you’re wondering why I picked a page with relatively few ground-breaking ideas…. well…. I think you can guess. Anyhoo, the process.

First thing I did with Infinite is audio record a bunch of my dates with a dictaphone and get them transcribed. I read through the transcripts and let ideas percolate for how I could use them to tease out dating strategy in a book.

Second thing I started typing away with my ideas as and when they came into my mind, beginning the middle of 2016 until by the end of the year I had 25k words or so. At this point the book at no shape and I was still trying to figure out its direction. I showed these scribblings to a few friends.

By early 2017 I’d organised things into a structure and figured out… wait…. you don’t give a shit do you? You just want another screen grab to whet your appetite. Go on then…

Infinite screen grab 3

So anyway… blah blah blah… who gives a fuck. The important fact is that today’s the day I finished my final edit of the last bit of text. I’ve now entered the most fun stage of book publishing which is bossing around my minions. I think it’ll take all month to get it done, and on the task list is the following:

  • Draft layout of the full book, to the standard shown in these screen caps (current status: 3/4 done)
  • Commission additional caricature art to replace the placeholder art shown in current layout (current status: 1/3 done)
  • Prettify the draft layout so it looks more whizz-bang-woohoo such as adding photos and flowcharts (current status: 0/2 done)
  • Finalise hardback cover design (current status: 3/4 done)
  • Check for typos, errors, accidental private info (current status: zero)
  • Write additional content to squeeze in if I have time on my hands and nothing better to do with it  (current status: zero)

Infinite screen grab 4

So I stress again that these screen captures are not the final product but they ought to give you a good idea where things are headed. What’s that you say? One more screen grab? Okay…..

Infinite screen grab 5