I didn’t do any sets today and the three numbers I took yesterday I told the girls I’ll call in a few days. So nothing to do and I turn my attention to other things. While checking in to Facebook I see the Italian 19 yr old is online. Ok, let’s give that a shot:

On the right

23:35 Me: Hey, did you have a good weekend?
23:36 Her: of course….and you? Have you already back in London?
23:37 Me: Yeah. Still a bit fragile. Saturday was a VERY long day for us
23:39 Her: I can imagine ;);) …..my sister say you hallo :):)
23:42 Her: says
23:42 Me: cool. Where did you girls go later?
23:44 Her:we stayed in that pub until midnight I think… then we went home .. short but nice evening :):)
23:45 Me: we went to a strip club. Very naughty :):)
23:49 Her: ahahah.. did you enjoy?
23:51 Me: Yeah, but I spent all my money buying dances for my brother. It was his last day of freedom….
23:53 Her: you are a good brother! :):)
23:54 Me: Haha. I try. Have you got plans to travel around England yet?
23:55: Her: ….On monday I go back in Italy unfortunately… and this time I don’t come back in England :(:(
23:56 Her: Are you going to travel in Italy?
23:57 Me: I want to, especially around Florence and Rome. Probably later this year
23:59 Her: Florence and Rome??…. noooo .. You have to come in my city… the lake is beautiful and you can enjoy, I can show you my places ..
23:59 Me: Your city sounds boring
00:00 Me:Yeah, that would be nice. Are you visiting London before you go back?
00:02 Her: No this time I can’t …but I would like to come another time just to visit London.. Everyone says that it is beautiful… so I want to discover if it’s true ;);)
(I’m sorry for my awful english)
00:04 Me: Yeah, I know lots of great places. I’ll show you when you come here
00:05 Her: I hope so :):) …
00:07 Her: Now I go to sleep… Tomorrow I’ll go to college :):) Have a good night…
00:07 Me: ok. Good night

I get my washing hung up between typing, so a productive little sortie.