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Some things people have been saying about me

October 4, 2010

WordPress has a pretty good analytics page to track site hits, search engine results and so on. Every now and then I’m gratified to find novel ways for people finding this site.

A comedy forum described me as “Krauser PUA!! He’s the very model of the modern major Womaniser.” A guy following the link commented “That blog is scary.” It gets even better and my heart swelled with pride to read:


What a treasure. What a fucked up unbelievable treasure. I can’t believe people like this exist. To be fair though his day game model is truly a step above the rest. I honestly envy a man which such a perfectly structured set and who aspires to be Patrick Bateman.”

Sosuave linked me as the “Short, fat, bald, old guy routinely scoring hotties half his age.” I suppose I should take that as a compliment. One guy replied “When I read your post I was expecting to see a Danny de Vito look alike. Instead it´s a Jason Statham look alike.” I’ve also been told I’m ugly-to-average, a source of much merriment among the guys in Chateau RSG.

Favourite searches that led people to me blog are:

fat, small cock
pua are worthless
girl fucks panda
first muslim sucks my cock

[edit – today someone searched “porn shemale sex treasure squirting” to get here. WTF? K.]

[edit 2 – I nearly pissed myself laughing when I saw I’d been linked on a Liverpool FC fan blog. First some guy shamelessly regurgitates my Book of Alpha series, not that I mind but at least give me the credit, and then this guy links to me with this comment:

“This is hilarious/worrying. Just the post titles alone are worth the time it takes to look on there: ‘Five Fingers Fucks In five Days’, ‘I Bang My First Half-Finnish, Half-Kazhak Lithuanian’, ‘Take that Fritz!’, ‘Chimpanzee Game With The Japanese’…..

And on & on it goes. I’m genuinely impressed with this nutter, not for his womanising ways and what-not, but for his utter mentalism and enthusiasm to document it.”


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