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Sometimes there’s not enough days in a week – HB French Fan

October 1, 2010

I’m out with Jambone daygaming in Lithuan….. oh whatever. Just watch the video.

0:46 – Gentle tease on her shoes that doesn’t hit, so I just plough through
1:04 – Joke on the similar spelling of philology and philosophy. She doesn’t get it, so just plough through. It’s ok because her momentum is always thoroughly killed already
1:17 – Personalise the interaction to her. It’s always “how did you”, “what do you think”
1:30 – Leg movement and rapport laughter shows how much she is enjoying this
1:48 – Qualifying herself
1:55 – Drive by DHV about Tokyo
2:02 – Personalising the interaction about her hopes and dreams so she invests
2:19 – Her body language shows strong investment
2:59 – DHV about Paris and my high value lifestyle
3:40 – Painting an emotionally evocative picture with my words that takes her out of her world and into a fantasy rich with colours, smells and fun
4:26 – In-joke about Jambon because Jambone is filming this
5:11 – DHV about leading my friends on a beach holiday
6:14 – Notice how much familiarity we have after just six minutes. She’s completely relaxed with me
6:25 – Qualifying her
6:57 – Always personalise, always playful. Note how invested her body language is with full body twitching
7:45 – Rapport
8:08 – Leg twitch shows her pussy tingle
8:27 – Preselection DHV
9:10 – Make her conscious that this is a man talking to a woman
9:33 – Finally, I ask her name. Almost ten minutes in.

0:20 – Much lowered sexual vocal tone and eye contact
1:30 – Photo routine because to get to the photo I show her I have to browse through a few high value photos first. I don’t dwell on them, it’s just a teaser of my interesting life
2:20 – Preselection about the other Lithuanian girl
2:35 – Mild NLP
2:55 – Finally I give a statement of interest before the number close. She’s already given a time constraint so no point going for the instant date. I mute lots of the sound from here because it takes ages to get the number and facebook right.

I move on to more sets but I’m pleased with this one. She was a strong hook right from the beginning and her body language was so good I could move into rapport very quickly so she’s solid. Unfortunately logistics on her side get in the way. Text game ensues:

10/09 4:58pm Me – Is this French Fan? The slightly cute, slightly fun girl who owes Krauser a coffee (white americano, no sugar)
5:36pm Her – Yes, yes, the same one! The one addicted to France {;
6:29pm Her – By the way, you had disappeared, so the coffee is left for the future {;
6:31pm Me – Haha. We’ll do it tomorrow
11/09 12:30pm Me – Mornin’! Let’s get that coffee this afternoon. is 3pm good?
1:10pm Her – Hello, Krauser. I’m truly sorry, but today parents are coming, you know missed me and want to see if I’m alive still, and I can’t come ;I
1:19pm Me – No problem. Family is more important
1:20pm Her – They’d simply go mad, if they come and see that French Fan doesn’t care about it {;

Definitely a Krauser girl

I send a couple more texts over the next five days but no responses. I write it off as a dead set but them a week after I get back to London I add her to Facebook and she accepts. Clearly this set requires lots more attraction work.

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