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Street sex talk

October 27, 2010

I like heating a girl up during the initial approach. With verbal escalation it’s surprising what you can get away with so long as you’ve captured her attention and projected alpha. This set from Krakow follows the normal KDM but I’ve snipped out lots of the fluff so I can concentrate on showing the sexualisation.

0:13 – Preframed tease
0:22 – Rooting the opener
0:38 – Drive-by qualification
0:41 – Physical compliment
0:58 – Reminding her this is a man talking to a woman
1:14 – Personalise the conversation
1:26 – I’m not a push over, so slightly challenging
2:06 – DHV photo routine and leader of men
2:40 – Drive-by DHV
2:54 – I’m aware that I’m about to do alot of talking to get my routine out and therefore could come across as qualifying. To minimise this I make my vocal tone extremely deadpan and relaxed, so as not to give off too much energy.
3:17 – Getting her buy-in before I sexualise the story, so it seems less pushy
3:30 – The entire purpose of this story is to raise her buying temperature and get her thinking about fucking. Verbal escalation early in the set (General sex talk)
6:06 – I met her nine minutes ago and she’s telling me she fucked in an elevator. Dirty bitch.
6:24 – Not getting all “horny guy” with her when she talks about sex. My tongue isn’t hanging out and my vocal tone doesn’t change. This is the most natural conversation in the world.
7:10 – Transition off into normal chat and logistics
7:28 – Qualify her on the close and just ask direct for the number with no gambits or tricks.
7:38 – Engage her logical mind and talk over the number close.
7:45 – Finally I ask her name, twelve minutes into the meeting.
8:45 – Being retarded to amuse myself and show this is no big deal.

I should’ve walked her off on the instant date after getting her buying temp up but my pizza was getting cold so I risked a number and subsequent cool off. Never did fuck her.

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