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Text Game Troubles

December 4, 2009

My text game used to be awful. Truly awful. I saved all my texts with girls into folders on my phone as part of my generally overzealous cataloguing of this PUA transformation. It’s a valuable learning point. Looking back on early exchanges makes me cringe.

I declare my text game is now…….. intermediate. Here’s some good and bad from the past week or so. Beginning with a long self-amusing example of one-word game. This is with the Romanian HB8 from the recent posts. The first set is all in one afternoon, her texting me immediately after I text.

Just in case you forgot

Krauser: We’re going to see Breakfast at Tiffany’s tomorrow. Want to come?
HB8: Yes, I would love to! But i have a meeting in Bank with [blah] management until about 9:30 in the evening tmrw. Can we go on friday?
Krauser: Maybe
HB8: Pretty please ;))
Krauser: Depends
HB8: Hmm, on?
Krauser: Stuff
HB8: Like?
Krauser: Choices
HB8: Hmm, i wonder how i can influence this….
Krauser: Lingerie
HB8: Yours :d ? Hmm…
Krauser: Fail!
HB8: Ok ok, not yours. I get it :). Maybe mine?
Krauser: Bingo
HB8: Ok so far, i am listening. Carry on….
Krauser: Pervert
HB8: Yeah, that’s you
Krauser: Agreed
HB8: We have some great cool pictures from this weekend

I figure I’ve pushed it to breaking point so I go over to cocky/funny.

Krauser: Yeah, I look good. You look silly.
HB8: I am fun and sexy, you are ok
Krauser: Sexy? So which new lingerie are you wearing for me?
HB8: Pervert!

It’s evening now, so I let her sleep on it. Hopefully she’ll even wonder if I took that last one as an insult and worry she upset me. The next day she reinitiates and I overdo the douchebag game:

HB8: At what time is the movie tmrw? I’ll come from [outside London]. How do i get there?
Krauser: I already told everyone Thursday and sent [friend] to get the tickets, so too late now. Our Friday night is usually men only. I might meet you instead, depends on Saturday’s plan.
HB8: You are not cool. Don’t bother with saturday, i have plans.


Benefit of hindsight that last one from me was too much of a “hey look at me, I’m the cool guy”. Still, I’m pissed off at her curt response but can’t really blame her because I’d been ragging her so long with the one-word stuff. What to do? Initially I just ignore it and decide radio silence till she reinitiates. We’ve had about five dates and she’s well into me. Plus I’m not impressed with her witholding sex routine and I’m unwilling to be placed into the beta role.

At the same time I think I probably ought to have more velvet over the steel. What I actually end up doing is at 11pm that night [her last mail was lunch time] I send “Good night”.

Probably I should’ve maintained the silence. So on the weekend I show Jambone and Tony T the exchange and ask for advice. Jambone thinks she’s overreacted and there wasn’t any obvious mistake. Tony T says “this girl needs comfort”.

Saturday night I call her, she picked up in a few rings. I go straight into comfort building and trance-talk. I describe the bar I’m in, pace her reality as she’s lying on her bed after a long hot bath. Within five minutes she’s loving it. I give her 20 minutes then DHV myself and ring off. We exchange texts all night and she invites herself to my house on the Sunday.

I finally get her through the door and soon have her bare-chested on my sofa but still getting ASD. I figure she just needs more comfort and time than most girls.

Cracking tits, BTW.

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