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The Blueprint Decoded

September 11, 2009

There’s a history to the pick-up community, as Tyler so eloquently outlines in the first of this 19 DVD set. Yes, nineteen DVDs – at over an hour a piece. This is not a throwaway piece of work.

In the beginning
Around the late 80s Ross Jeffries wrote his Speed Seduction book. The attitude was “We are guys! We’re pissed off! We’re gonna get revenge on these bitches. We’re gonna fuck ’em. Yeah!”. The routines were entirely outer game and based on manipulation. Essentially it comes down to sneaky NLP / state-changing ploys to create an excitable response in a woman and then anchor it to you. It works, but it’s just the first bumbling steps towards mPUA status.

Social Dynamics
Then Mystery comes along. He wants to build a firm evolutionary psych foundation for game and craft a system that takes you through every stage of the human courtship ritual from approach to sex. Game is now linear programming and alpha mimickry. The high value girls want guys with high survival and replication value so you have to demonstrate value, through peacocking, stories, routines.

You are always hanging on the edge of being blown out of set. The approach buys you ten seconds, that ten buys the next minute, which buys the next ten. You are constantly escalating, constantly button pushing. At any moment you might fuck up and the girl realises you’re a chode. Game is performance art, singing for your supper.

Learned Natural
In the last few years inner game and natural mimickry has been the buzz. Game is about deep identity level change so you become a sexworthy guy. The girls wants you because you really are high value and you exude these traits without consciously gaming. You don’t need routines. You’re opener can be simply “Hi, I’m Krauser”

This is where the Blueprint excels. For twenty hours Tyler pulls you ever deeper down the rabbit hole to reconstruct your whole identity. And it works. I’m blown away by the dozens of concepts. To pick just one:

Most people (the ‘sheeple’) look to the outside world for their values. They are constantly pinging everyone else – Do I look cool? Am I popular? Will this girl like me? – so their self-esteem rises when rewarded (buying a new pair of shoes, getting a smile from a girl etc) and plummets when punished. Life is a constant jog up a down-escalator to feel good. This is a natural function of our hardwired compulsion to avoid exclusion from the tribe and to learn socially.

But by accepting society’s values you are killing your own. You are a ship buffeted on the storms of social whim. This is the essence of the chode – a regular guy with no sense of his own values or his own internal confidence. This does not attract women. It’s a game you can never win. So long as you accept society’s values the 19-yr old hottie in a minskirt will always be higher value. You’ll always have to neg her and DHV to equalise your relative value long enough to put your cock in her mouth. It doesn’t matter how much you earn, what car you drive, or how many sick kids you cure – she’s getting in that nightclub ahead of you.

But what if you have your own values? What if you decide what matters to you is being:

  • a value giver, not a value taker
  • an inspiration to the people around you
  • a responsible adult
  • funny
  • reliable
  • or whatever else matters to you, independent of what society says is good

Then you meet that 19-yr old hottie in the club. Sure, she’s beautiful. But what else does she have going for her? What has she achieved? Suddenly it’s not a Mystery neg anymore – you really sincerely believe beauty is common and she’d better have something else to impress you or you’re moving on.

Think how that changes your game.

  • Do you still feel approach anxiety when you feel like a 10 and you wonder if this girl is more than a pretty face?
  • Do you need to fight a desire to supplicate when she’s no longer on a pedestal?
  • When she shit tests you will you be trawling your brain for a canned response or just naturally replying like the higher value guy?
  • Do you worry about frame control?

Nineteen DVDs of brilliance, Tyler. I do wonder if its too early in my development to absorb this. It almost seems like cheating – like I need to pay my dues in Mystery Method before I’m ready for the Blueprint. I see the picture of my future artistry. I know what it will look like.

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