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The daygame carnival

May 22, 2014

Daygame has become a cult. I’m as much to blame for it as anyone else and it’s not a particularly bad thing. It’s in the Constitution that every man has the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of pussy. So while I occasionally bristle when I see no-hoper chodes queering Oxford Street with crappy Yad-stops, I do acknowledge that these men have as much right to hunt girls as I do. Good luck to them.

I just wish they’d be more…. finessed about it.

I suspect that 83% of all daygame stops follow exactly this pattern (half of them with an Indian accent):

  • Excuse me, canIjustsaysomethingreallyquickly. IliterallyjustsawyouandIwantedtosay…
  • You look nice
  • You look French. It’syouhairniceeyesandsillyshoes
  • *pause*

When the first-gen daygamers were figuring out the system, the front stop was merely a tool. It wasn’t the One True Way, it wasn’t The Perfect Approach. It was simply a useful party trick to stop a fast-walking girl on a crowded shopping street. We taught it in bootcamps because it’s easy to explain and has wide applicability.

That’s all.

What you think girls see

What you think girls see

Actual real live daygamers who get laid open from the front, the side, by calling “hey you” from a distance, obliquely at a bus stop, across a display table in a book store, in a coffee shop queue…. whatever. The London Daygame Model principles apply no matter what the mechanics of the first two seconds.

Unfortunately what has percolated into noob consciousness is a contrived front stop where every girl is French. This is missing the whole point. Daygame is spontaneous, authentic and based on what that girl makes you feel right there and then. It’s written into Nitro, go have a look. Rote-learning the canned Nice-French-Shoes opener is bastardising the whole thing. It’s like reducing Mystery Method down to a furry hat and Who-Lies-More.

I had the misfortune to hit a nice FSU location this weekend just after a bootcamp and while a few squareheads had jetted in for a Euro-jaunt. So the main promenade was like a carnival of strange men front-stopping everything. The poor girls couldn’t get from one end of the street to the other without five men telling them they look French.

What girls actually see

What girls actually see

And surprise surprise, the girls are defensive. That street now has a reputation for “weird sex tourists hassling girls” as my date last night told me. Fortunately she didn’t connect me to them.

So stop telling girls they look French. Stop standing with your legs splayed like a pyramid. Stop folding your arms precisely twenty seconds into the interaction. You’ve all got the right to try to get laid. More power to you. I write this blog and my books precisely to help you in your quest. But c’mon, use at least a little social intelligence. Daygame is a tool. It’s not a hobby, a fetish, or a club.

To learn daygame without acting like a retard, read Daygame Mastery

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