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The Daygame New Blood #1 – BangUp PUA

April 7, 2018

Regular readers are well aware that daygame is a fast-moving new phenomenon. Although men have always been trying to get laid, what is now considered “community” daygame is new. The USA kicked things off in the early 2000s with the likes of Paul Janka in NYC, Jon Sinn in LA, and Gunwitch in some obscure meth-ridden shithole. In the late 2000s London began to take over and the first wave of London Daygame happened – guys like Yad, Yosha, Sasha, Eddie, Richard and of course myself and my mate from Wales.

Since then, I’ve had my eye on the next generation of up-and-comers. Some of them are blogging such as those listed on this post. I’m starting a new series to highlight the most talented of the new blood.

So, let me introduce you to a daygamer recently released into the community. Bristol’s [1] top PUA and the creator of AlphaSarging [2]….. Bang Up PUA. You can find his twitter here.

Bangup twitter

Dropping value bricks of pure gold

BangUp formed AlphaSarging with his mates SwitchBack and TenHunter mostly based around the mall in Bristol, especially C&A and the off licence on the corner between Tescos and Sarah’s Tanning Salon. They sometimes “jaunt” across the border into Cardiff. I’m not sure if the AlphaSarging team is still together as, reading between the lines, it appears BangUp and TenHunter have fallen out over a woman and there’s the suggestion TenHunter might not actually be sarging tens [3]

I was going to review BangUp’s new PDF on Wolverine Mindset but I can’t seem to find the checkout link. Again, if anyone has read it, comment below. What is available is BangUp’s text game for his upcoming AlphaSarging [4] text chat guide. Let’s have a look. I’ll add a short commentary.

BangUp 1

Ok, that’s a solid start. Snappy, to the point. I’m not sure Llama is the best animal comparison – perhaps squirrel or chipmunk is statistically more likely to lead to the bang – but this girl is presumably very hot and perhaps and Llama-like long catwalk model legs. Chelle is playing hard to get so BangUp keeps the frame and stacks forward with a “crazy” neg and then plows. Good use of a masculine profile image too. So far, the wolverine mindset is strong.

BangUp 2

Chelle continues to push back, as TENS always do. Sensing the need to draw her in with rapport he begins The Cube, to elicit values. She continues to pattern interrupt but was clearly impressed with his moon-walking skills. This is callback humour from her suggesting BangUp is FLIPPING THE SCRIPT.

BangUp 3

This is all about holding the frame.

BangUp 4

Tens can often go silent. Chelle is probably on a high value yacht party somewhere with high value men doing high value things, so BangUp needs to build his stack and pour value in. Here’s a chain of masculine ALPHA dominance. Following BangUp’s twitter you’ll see many such nuggets of mindset wisdom.

Be Alpha. Don’t be beta. BE ALPHA

BangUp 5

You can see Chelle’s frame is crumbling because she throws out a token “boyfriend” defence. This is PRECISELY what Bang UP HAS BEEN WAITING FOR and he SMASHES it out the park with his BOYFRIEND DESTROYER [5]


BangUp 6

He reverses the final frame-snatch by deftly positioning Chelle as waiting for BangUp to call her and not the other way around. That means each time she’s strutting down the catwalk, or at a photo-shoot in Venice, or sleeping with her boyfriend she’ll be constantly worrying whether BangUp calls her. It’s an open loop.

Overall, I give this text game 8.5/10 and the Chance To Bang [6] is about 94%.

If you’d like to adopt the Wolverine Mindset so you can AlphaSarge [7] at the new hotbed of daygame in Bristol, check out BangUp PUA’s twitter feed here.

[1] And Cardiff’s and Clapham’s, depending on his mum’s travel schedule
[2] TM
[3] Perhaps BangUp and TenHunter could clear this up for me?
[4] TM
[5] Although I suspect he got this one from RSD.
[6] TM
[7] TM

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