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The hottest Tallinn girl I got to my bedroom

June 19, 2011

It’s another hot day in Estonia and I’ve been killing it with Burto. I run off a quick warm-up set on a cute young Russian who turns out to be married with a kid. Then my second set is a stunning leggy 22 yr old. I forget to mike-up but Burto gets me from long distance. For the first minute or so she’s looking away alot and giving short answers. At first I think I’m not getting her attracted but soon I realise it’s the opposite – she really likes me and is nervous, especially with her bad English. She’s on her way to work so I only do ten minutes and forgo the i-date. Great set and I’m enthused by the warm she gives me in body language and a beautiful wave goodbye.

A few texts ensue then I get her on a Day 2. I pull her into a cafe, run lots of rapport (which is tough because of the language barrier) and then decide on a fast bounceback. I get her on my bed and start trying the Yad closing routine which goes along the lines of:

  1. Back off on the masculinity and let her lead
  2. Make her invest by showing her favourite Youtube videos
  3. Invite her to lie down next to you.
  4. Wait a minute or two, then escalate fast

Unfortunately my flashplayer is suddenly fucked and youtube won’t work. Bugger. So I put some music on but it’s not the same. She’s shitting herself with a full-on forebrain-hindbrain conflict. I can see in her mind the hamster is spinning hard with “why am I here? why don’t I want to leave?”. She won’t lie on the bed so eventually I stand her up and go for the kiss. She stays in a tight hug with me, tits pushed into me, crotch to crotch, but won’t kiss. She says it’s too fast. We stand for a while with her giving me a look of adoration. Then she has to go off to work again.

More texts and on the last day she agrees to meet before I head to the airport. This time she comes into my apartment within ten minutes. Burto makes a hasty exit to give me isolation and I put her at ease by chatting as I pack. Then we sit together and I do the “kings throne” with her legs over me, her head resting on my shoulder as I cat-scratch her temple. She’s almost purring. Still no kiss. She doesn’t mind me squeezing her tits but won’t let me escalate further and there’s literally not enough time to fuck before the taxi comes. We swap facebook adds and have chatted a few times since.


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