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The Imaginary World Of The Tate Brothers

July 26, 2020

I already did a little online due diligence on con-trepreneur Andrew Tate‘s kickboxing record, proving quite easily that he’s a liar. Go read it here. I don’t actually have a problem with Tate: as far as I’m concerned he’s a lolcow– that is, a public figure who exists purely for normal people to point and laugh at. If you are dumb enough to swallow his bullshit then you deserve everything you get. My problem is more with all the manosphere/Red Pill charlatans who keep inviting him on their shows and promoting this shabby liar. They have a duty of care to their listeners that they are flagrantly derelict in.

So, I wasn’t particularly invested in exposing all Tate’s other lies. The kickboxing record was enough for ‘umble Krauser.

However, while sitting in a cafe bored with Jimmy, I thought that as an experiment I’d see how many lies I could find about Tate in just five minutes of online searches. I’ve been saying for months that these Red Pill/Manosphere podcasters are outrageously negligent in not doing any due diligence on their guests. Or, more likely, they are complicit in the lies. So, in order to win a beer from Jimmy, I challenged myself to run a Five Minute Online Due Diligence Test.

Andrew Tate wouldn’t be a controlled experiment, as I already know about him and his whores, rented sports cars, grubby suburban compound, fake ForEx business, and so on. But, maybe he has a brother?

Mrs Andrew Tate


Oh, the indignity! Google records him entirely in reference to his big bro. So, let’s look into Mrs Andrew Tate a little and see if he’s engaging in the same false front building as his bro.

1. The Kickboxing
As you can see from his IG profile, he too claims to be a K1 World Champion. So, I searched for his kickboxing record and…. I can’t find it. His big bro was quite successful on the amateur/semi-pro circuit but Tristan Tate fought at such a low level that you can’t even find out who or where he fought. He may be the first K1 World Champion in history to have an unrecorded title fight! [1]. Jerome Le Banner must be really pissed!

Tate IG

lol, “weapons”. Did you fall for this, Cerno?

Tristan is a kickboxer, though. Just not a top one. Watch this fight here:

Note how sloppy his technique is. Winging wide open punches, stumbling forwards, falling into his shots, and it’s like both of them are moving in Bullet Time. They are harder men than I am – no doubt about that – but this is not world class kickboxing. I respect guys who fight, but I repeat the same as about his big bro: the real story is impressive enough, so stop lying about it! Go watch actual K-1 Max to see what world class really looks like.

Sherdog MMA record

As for MMA, he had one fight against a nobody and got knocked out in under two minutes. No shame in that, but not indicative of a world class fighter.


Musashi Tate

2. Natty or Not?
Tristan has a habit of standing shirtless in car parks holding cheap Chinese-made swords. Presumably that’s what Musashi Miyamoto would be doing were he born in our epoch. There’s no question Tristan has a very buff, muscular body. So, imagine my surprise when he claims in his IG that he’s natty. Let’s do a before/after comparison. So, taking a still from the above kickboxing video we see how he looked after years of training, and compare that to a recent IG post, taken about eight years after the fight.

Natty or not

Not only has Tristan been the first ever kickboxer to have an unrecorded world title fight, he’s now the first ever bodybuilder to make his most significant natural muscle gains over ten years into his training. Not even Arnie could do that! Note also all the obvious testosterone / anabolic tells: grossly over-developed shoulders and upper arms, traps eating his head, glowing leathery skin tone, extreme muscle fullness at low body fat percentage. It’s pretty damn obvious.


3. Buying IG followers
The Tates would have you believe they have built organic social media followings based on good content, networking, or some other social media magic. However, the fastest and easiest way to grow your online follower stats is to simply buy them. We can test for that by checking out Social Blade, a web analytics site that analyses social media accounts to track when followers were added and lost. The obvious tell for bought (i.e. fake) followers is that you get a massive spike for a day or two, then gradually haemorrhage followers. So, let’s look at Tristan.

Social Blade Tate

Oh! What a surprise!


4. Planting articles
Did you know that there are blogs and “news” sites whose business is entirely about accepting money to plant articles on their site? Forbes magazine does this, taking money to run puff pieces, a trick used by many high-budget con-trepreneurs. But what if you’re low-budget, struggling to get by in the suburbs of a third-world shithole like Bucharest? What if you can’t afford Forbes?

Fiverr and Upwork are your friend. For $10 a go, you can get some Indian or Filipino to write a puff piece on you in broken English then plant it on these fake sites. But why would anyone do that, Nick? Why would anyone lie on the internet?


It’s to paper the first page of Google with articles you control, so that if anyone does Google you, you get what they want you to see. It’s a way to push a false narrative [2]. So, let’s Google Tristan and see what pops up.

google papering

Note all published in same couple of days


So, he’s planted essentially the same article a half-dozen times on fake news sites. Some of those sites even explicitly state they publish any old shit if paid.

Tate puff piece

Click on them. Note same articles slightly rewritten, all in terrible English


All of the above took me just five minutes to find. That’s all it would’ve taken Troy Francis, Hardy Haberland, Rollo Tomassi, Bobby Dino et al to know that they were inviting a liar onto their shows. It’s all it would take you fucking goons [3] to figure it out, rather than ask me questions in the comments, “what do you think of this guy?”

Red Pill Charlatans

Shame on you, manosphere dupes

Is Tristan a cool guy? I don’t know. Scrolling through his IG I’m actually inclined to think he’d be a lot of fun to hang out with. He’s a competent amateur kickboxer, works hard in the weights room and kitchen, and is pro-actively going after the lifestyle he wants. He seems pretty chill too. A guy like that is normally fun to hang out with.

But, would I buy any of his products? Would I take him seriously on any issue whatsoever? Absolutely not. His entire public image is a false front, built with shameless, premeditated lies. He’s a bullshitter. Bullshitters are often good crack to go drinking with [4] but you never let them near your wallet.

I haven’t gone into Tristan’s hookers, staged photo shoots, or sock puppet accounts as that would’ve taken more than five minutes. I think I’ve done enough to demonstrate that lies and bullshit are a persistent feature of every aspect of his life. You can draw your own conclusions over if he’d also lie about his sexual hijinks.

[1] I shall now update my IG profile to claim the WBC Super Middleweight title.
[2] I experimented with exactly this tactic for my band.
[3] It’s been a while since I insulted my readership. I was starting to think you miss it.
[4] Tom Torero and Antony Hustle are both engaging company in person, for example.

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