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The [insert PUA’s name] Tremble

November 9, 2017

I was out yesterday with Eddie of Street Attraction. We were walking up a chav street with pokey shops on one side and a nice park on the other. A girl came the other direction and as she went passed she didn’t IOI.

No sideways glance

No smile

My spider sense immediately triggered and I turned my head to check her out as she walked past. Young-ish, probably a student, dressed in mostly black with the odd flash of colour. Why did my spider sense trigger, I asked myself.

Bird in heels black

This one trembled, too

Eddie clearly noticed something too because he was already off giving chase. She hooked strong and he took a number. Coming back to us he commented, “Really strong set. Strongest positive reaction I’ve had in a long time”

The germ of an idea formed. I think I realised why we’d both picked her out as a high-probability target over and above all the other girls walking past.

The next day, today, we were having a little walkabout after lunch. A pretty student girl walked past me and I have exactly the same feeling. I opened, she hooked well, clear attraction but unfortunately not enough to want to give up the number. Nice set, nothing doing. About half an hour later, another girl goes past and I get the exact same feeling. Again I open, again it’s a strong hook and this time she gives up the number and seems keen.

So, three sets in three days is three data points for my emerging idea. I shall continue to consider it. I call it the tremble.

All three girls visibly trembled as they walked past us. It wasn’t an IOI per se. But they visibly reacted to noticing us go past. How did it look? Difficult to describe. Think of it this way: how does the image on your TV set temporarily shimmer when you hit the side of the unit. There’s a tiny pulse before the image stabilises it again, but for a micro-second you notice the shimmer.

It means the girl is reacting to you. That’s a good sign.

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