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The most preposterous false rape claim I’ve heard yet

December 6, 2010

Ferdinand Bardamu over at In Mala Fide is trying to get the Manosphere behind Julian Assange as he battles not just the despicable femcunts who are trying to throw him in jail simply because he’s a beta male, but also the shady machinations of government who would like to see Wikileaks destroyed.

I fully support FB in this. I fully support Julian Assange.

The short story is this: a man-hating revenge junkie feminist cunt and her friend, a slacky-fannied groupie slut both willingly jumped his bones when he was visiting Sweden for a lecture. Due to whatever deranged shit goes on inside feminist minds they got all menstrual about him moving on to better things and then decided to take him down (well, being women and feminists they obviously got white knight manginas to do the actual work. A legal case of “lets you and him fight“). By fabricating a ludicrous charge of rape. Make no mistake – this is feminism in its purest form. The long story is here:

Part one

Part two

Part three

These bitches are trying to send an innocent man to prison for years. They are trying to ruin his life. Gleefully trying. These cunts deserve to be fucking destroyed. Anna Ardin and Sofia Wilén should be nailed to a fucking cross (metaphorically speaking) and jailed for just as long as the average actual rapist gets and every mangina and every fembot involved in pushing this bullshit case forward should be disgraced and thrown into the street to get a real job.

I don’t usually get bothered by feminists these days but every now and then I’m reminded of the pure evil they have wrought upon our world and their singled-minded destruction of everything that is great about Western civilisation. These two femcunts are at the extreme end of the spectrum.

Female readers – if you ever wonder why men won’t give up seats for you on the train anymore, why they pump and dump you after an alcohol-fuelled tryst, or why so many beta males carry so much anger and misogyny inside them – here’s your answer. It’s because your mothers stood by and let the feminists create a culture that tolerates this. It’s because you stand by and take the benefits even if you don’t actively cause the damage. Make no mistake – feminism is your enemy too. Feminism is the enemy of every young fertile woman who wants to meet a nice guy and marry him. Feminism is the enemy of every mother who is raising a son and wants him to live happily. Feminism is the enemy of every woman who wants to live in a civilised country with safe streets, modern transport, and modern conveniences.

If these ideas are new to you and you can’t see the causal connection between feminism and our dying culture, read this. It’s the best article available and it’ll blow your mind.

Think about that next time some mousey haired, infertile over-the-hill angy fembot is teaching Womyn’s Studies at your University. Think about the vile hate she is spewing from her taxpayer-funded seat of privelege (paid for by the beta males she denounces, of course). Think about this before you witter on about “patriarchy” in a bar when men are present. Cos if you witter on in front of me I’m going to kick you in the cunt.

Normal service will be resumed tomorrow, and I’ll return to regalling you dear readers with my sexual hijinks.

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