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The New Model – Spike, Crush, Lead

September 3, 2015

Prepare yourself for some rambling.

This year has been all about experimentation. I’d grown tired of the Daygame Overkill model because though it had brought me great success shifting to that style (indeed, it is now the core LDM style as witnessed by all the shameless YouTube rip-offs) I was getting bored. I was doing the same thing over and over again. I get bored easily. I knew there’d be another step forwards, I just didn’t know what it was. In such cases I follow my subconcious and let the logical forebrain figure out the details later. My subconscious was telling me this:

  • Shorter trips abroad
  • Pull much faster
  • Sexualise stronger
  • Abandon the model

So when the Euro season rolled around in mid-March 2015 that’s what I did. It’s been a slapdash affair with epic highs and incompetent lows. For the first time ever I’ve had more near-misses than lays (about 2:1 ratio). I’ve pushed my 2015 average age of girl down to 21, the quality has crept up very slightly, and my average meet-to-sex time is two hours.

High risk, high reward.

Pull the trigger

Pull the trigger

I’m not satisfied to simply shift my risk/reward meter further along. I want to get better. I want to bring the uncontrollable under my control. So I’ve kept plugging away, stoically absorbing the near-miss pain, and continued to look for patterns. It’s still all a bit foggy but I think the new model is taking shape. It’s a long way off, but I’m starting to grasp it. Here are some of my early thoughts on the differences.

1. Checklist vs Model
Daygame Mastery is written as a detailed linear model of “first do this, then do that”. It works. That’s what everyone is doing and it’s a proven method. The problem is it puts the focus on YOU and what YOU’RE doing. Now I’m all about HER and what she’s READY FOR. It’s a subtle but powerful mental shift, analagous to a boxer throwing the punch for the space that’s opening up rather than the combo he’s practiced on the bag. The real skill comes in setting the girl up for that move, so you’re not merely passively awaiting opportunities. So now I’m drawing as well as leading. This means my mind is on ticking off her indicators so I know the time to move it forwards. If I tick them off in five minutes, I’ll pull the trigger in five minutes. Other times it takes three dates.

2. Key Performance Indicators
I’m not really thinking in terms of attraction / comfort / seduction. Instead I’m provoking and then filtering based on three KPIs that let me know if she’s a strong lead for adventure sex:

  • Electric eye flash some time during first five minutes
  • Acceptance of close distance
  • Strong reply to first SMS

That’s all I need to know if it’s a good probability of fast sex.


3. DNA filtering
Every advanced daygamer has a finely-tuned spider sense. It crackles at key moments and lets you pick out a girl on a crowded street from 50m away. It sends a thrill through your body during the street stop. It screams “pull the trigger now!” I think key signs are:

  • Ovulating walk
  • Subtle pre-approach IOIs
  • Fast eye sparkle
  • Giddiness and sway
  • Unsolicited touch

These are the ultimate Yes Girls, where your respective DNA codes have pinged each other and agreed to have sex before your forebrains got the memo. You can train yourself to unburden your DNA to let it roam, hunting down your best sets.

Pull the trigger!

Pull the trigger!

4. Forebrain Eviction / Forebrain Panic Room
Assuming the girl has gotten through stages 1-3 and is on the idate / day2 I’ll often experience the peculiar situation where she is extremely giddy and says things like “I don’t know why I’m following you home” or “My brain has stopped working”. It means her hindbrain has so overwhelmingly decided to fuck that it’s impeached her forebrain from control of her actions. The early stages of this I often call “brain fry”.

You’ll spot it mostly from her giddy self-disbelieving “I can’t believe I’m doing this but I can’t stop” manner and it’s most often triggered by a strong first kiss and light neck biting / hair pulling. It’s especially powerful when coupled with the momentum of a sexualised idate. The problem is it often triggers the Panic Room, where her forebrain makes one last-gasp attempt to avoid being fucked. When those shutters slam down there is NO way to bust LMR and often the girl is gone forever.

Brain fry

Brain fry

5. Anal
I’ve taken many anal virginities in the past twelve months and I think it comes down to congruency. When you hit a girl with Diggler-esque r-selection she abandons the Nice Girl track. Assuming you get as far as the lay, anal is just a tiny step further. You don’t even have to ask. Just stick it in.

My personality is INTJ and that means ideas usually simmer in a morass of inpenetrable slop before suddenly appearing as fully-formed theories in a moment of gestalt understanding. I’m not there yet, but I feel it coming on. Of course all of the above assumes you’ve actually mastered the current version of the London Daygame Model.

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