I remember back in 1998 when I first lived in London in a zone three houseshare one of the lads moved out and we put a classified ad up to replace him. One of the couples scoping the room was from Croatia. The dude was a normal guy. Tall-ish, slim, fairly well dressed. Nothing special one way or the other, seemed pleasant. The woman was stunning. Proper drop-dead gorgeous. At the time I wasn’t envious. It never even entered my brain I could compete for a girl like that.

An exaggeration, yesterday

An exaggeration, yesterday

More recently (post-game) those girls have been in my sights. Since clambering up the fuck ladder from 6s, to 7s, to 8s I’ve been looking at the hotter girls of God’s green earth feeling like that’s what I ought to be dating. And occasionally I have. Sometimes, however, I’d see normal couples walking around where the girl is hot and I’d get a little pang of envy. Even if I’d fucked six girls of equal quality already that year I’d look at her, look at him, and get a bit narked. That’s not good.

So my mind turns and I think about these couples. Mostly I realise this: when you see a fairly nondescript guy with a hot girlfriend you are seeing him at his peak. That is the hottest girl he’ll ever fuck. He’s probably hanging onto her for dear life, terrified that if he loses her then he’ll never get such sweet pussy again. I’m talking about normal chodes here, not guys who clearly have their shit together. I know this because I was that chode when my ex-wife was a clear two points higher than any other girl I’d fucked at that point.

When we do game we are giving girls a proposition they wouldn’t normally entertain:

  • Talk to me, a guy you don’t know from Adam, for a while and give your number
  • Come on a date, maybe two…. then fuck
  • And I promise you nothing

That’s a mighty big ask. Sure, it’s well within the realm of biomechanical parameters but it’s still a big ask. And we expect to pull it off once or twice a month with the youngest-hottest-tightest girls that we meet. We are paying peanuts and expecting princesses. Sometimes we pull it off.

Now put your Blue Pill glasses on and look at the price the typical chode pays for his girlfriend:

  • Exclusivity
  • Berated for looking at other girls
  • Buying her stuff, meeting her family, going to Ikea on Saturday afternoon
  • Putting up with her shit, and her insufferable friends’ shit
  • Letting her keep her own frame
  • Spending all of his precious finite life with her

He’s not doing her in the ass while slapping her face and calling her a bitch. She’s not overwhelming him with thoughtful affection and favours. He’s on a leash. That’s the price he pays for his pussy. When you learn game there are simple metrics that measure your progress.

More girls, hotter girls, less work, less drama.