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There’s No Such Thing As A Jerkboy

May 12, 2016

Girl 1

A young girl took a stroll at night in the city. Grox saw the girl was very pretty.

âHello, little girl. My name is Grox. Your pretty face has left me feeling shocked! Come with me to my house, itâs full of treats! I tell you now, itâs the best in these streets!â
âItâs awfully sweet of you, Mr. Grox, but I think I will eat treats from CJ’s boxâ
âCJ? Please do tell, pretty lady. Who is this CJ? He sounds shadyâ
âHe’s Charismatic Jerkboy, don’t you know? He has the most perfect looking nose, and a perfect square jaw!â
âI don’t know him, so I’m sure he don’t matter.â
âOh but be warned, he donât like anyone giving me patter!â
âA person the same as me? Iâd better flee!”
and Grox ran away and hid behind a tree.

âYoung and naïve Grox, fell for my ploy. Doesn’t he know there is no such thing as a Charismatic Jerkboy â¦â

Girl 2

On went the little girl through the dark city. A man with a puffy blue coat saw the girl and she was pretty.

âHey, there, lil Mama, my name is Crowl. I see you eyeing my coat, itâs 100% wildfowl! I was up all night, on the prowl. With looks like yours mama, you could make a man howl!â
âItâs frightfully nice of you, Mr Crowl, but I won’t treat my CJ so foul.â
âCome lil mama, and I’ll make you a star. Tell me, lil mama, can CJ take you as far?â
âHe’s Charismatic Jerkboy, don’t you know? He has the most perfect looking nose, and a perfect square jaw!â
âWhere are you two meeting? Are you his lil squeeze?â
âNext street over. Heâs a guy does whatever he please.â

âThat type of man? So long lil mama!â
And Crowl slinked off without any drama.

âOld and slick Crowl, fell for my ploy. Doesn’t he know there is no such thing as a Charismatic Jerkboy â¦â

Girl 3

On went the little girl through the big dark city. A male model appeared from the shadows of the alley.

Although he was very cute and his muscles smoothing, all the little girlâs senses told her she needed to keep moving.
âHello, little girl, my name is Jake. I will show you my great big snake. Come with me to the shadows of my alley, so that I could have a taste of your hidden valley.â
“Itâs wonderfully nice of you, Mr Jake. But I’m meeting CJ and I baked him a cake.â
âLook at this six pack, check out my hair. Tell me young miss, does CJ have my flair?”
âHe’s Charismatic Jerkboy, don’t you know? He has the most perfect looking nose, and a perfect square jaw!â

“Who is CJ? What’s so special about this man?”

“He’s the darkest of triads, a man with a plan.”

“That’s too much for me, goodbye little girl!”

And Jake ran off. After giving a twirl.

âA pretty young boy, is silly Jake. But doesn’t he know CJ is fake!”

Girl 4

On went the girl, walking on a little more. She spied a man with a perfect square jaw!

He was brash and rough, a smirk on his face. He walked with swagger like he owned the place.
CJ yelled out âI found myself a hottie , but she looks weak and rather snotty!â He tweaked her nose and asked “Are you single?” She bristled and scowled but felt a tingle.
âWeak?â she blustered. âEveryone fears me. Just walk behind and then you’ll see.”
âAlright! I’m in. I’m not missing this chance. Lead the way Miss Monkeypants.â

As they walked, CJ heard a sound from the alley. From out of the shadows, Jake made a sally.
âHey, look itâs Jake!â, the girl exclaimed. She waved her hands âHello, Jake! We meet again!â
Jake took one look at CJ and lost his glow. âIâm sorry little girl, but I have to go!â
And with that, he took off running. The little girl felt awfully cunning.
âYou see that Jerkboy,  I ainât no prey!â
âAmazing!â he thought. “This girl can play.”

They walked a little bit more, and saw a pimp with his ho. The little girl waved, “That’s a man I know!”
“Hey Mr. Crowl!” she shouted aloud. “I’m back again, what are you doing now?â
Crowl looked up at CJ and lost his bottle. âThere must be a mistake. I’m really Aristotleâ

He picked up his cane, jumped in his car. Then drove someplace very far.

“You see that Jerkboy. Did you hear me roar?”
âExtraordinary!â he thought. “Let’s see some more”

As they headed further on down to the end of the street, they saw a man dancing to his own strange beat.
âThatâs Grox!” she called,  making him jump in shock. “Why are you still here on this block?â
âHello, little girl with the pretty face. I think itâs time for Grox to make haste!â
He quickly picked up his things and ran as if his legs were made of springs.

“You see that Jerkboy. I’m no push-over”
“Fantastic!” he thought. “A four-leaf clover”

Girl 5

âWell, CJ? Canât you see? Everyone is afraid of me! I’m a strong girl who can do whatever a man can , maybe itâs time you got up and ran!â
CJ leant back with an inscrutable face. He felt it was time to put this whelp in her place.

“That’s all very clever, I’ll admit I’m impressed. But you’d look a whole lot sweeter in a pretty summer dress”

The little girl blushed, the wind out of her sails. She didn’t know how to handle one of these alpha males.
All was quiet in the big dark city. “I’m admit it Jerkboy, you really are witty.”

He took her hand and she followed undaunted. She’d succeeded in getting who she really wanted.

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