I’m not sure what most men’s fantasy harem is like. Looking around popular culture, talking to friends, it would appear that most of us would like a big Turkish-style palace with lush gardens and a room full of purple divans, serving wenches, and perhaps a nubian eunuch keeping gard outside. As the wheel of time turns it would appear we’ve lost that opportunity forever…. grrrr…..

My ego still pops up now and then telling me to try harder with women and achieve more. I simply will not settle for a long term exclusive relationship with a woman. Maybe later, but for now I have an ego to feed. So for now I’m working towards what I call the “import model” which is uniquely suited to the specifics of my lifestyle (well, and Jambone and Robusto who are also doing it).

I live in London and travel around Europe almost every month. I’m pretty good at meeting women. I have lots of free time. I live in a big house. I’m good at keeping women once I have them. So how do I used that to get what I want? Ideally, my love life will look something like this:

    • Two girls in London who I date reasonably regularly
    • Five girls spread around Europe who I import into London for a week at a time on rotation, taking advantage of Ryanair cheap flights
    • Occasionally looking for SDLs / SNLs if the opportunity arises

I apologise in advance to the six men who will be frozen out of the sexual marketplace by my hogging of excess women. This idea came to me when watching the old Macarena video. Oh my god those women are my type… it’s like the ideal type of a Krauser Harem. Cute feminine girls of every nationality happily co-existing with each other. Yes it’s fantasy but I wants it. I will try to gets it.

Just incase you’re wondering, my favourites are the grey-suited Brazilian, the pink-vested chink, the pineapple-headed African and the one with blue hair. Nom nom nom.

There’s downsides to this harem business. Probably the main one is it’s feeding my ego rather than destroying it. The main countermeasure is to be honest with everyone involved and to make sure I have one favourite girl who I exchange the most affection with. We shall see. At the moment I’m shopping for the London candidates and have two on import.