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Tom Torero Guest Post – Male Sexual Market Value

January 23, 2014

Over a pint or two at the local pub, Krauser and I sketched out ideas for the components of Male Sexual Market Value (M-SMV) and how different types of Game (“Value Delivery Mechanisms”) make use of the different components.

I wanted to explore the concept of M-SMV components and delivery for a long time, as from my daygame coaching over the last four years it became clear that men were blissfully unaware of their SMV, how to maximise it and how to convey it in the most efficient manner. The endless debates about topics like “Do Looks Matter?” or “Daygame vs Night Game” reveal that men don’t understand the market in which they’re attempting to sell, or even what they’re meant to be selling and for what price.

I made a video explaining the different parts to this infographic, but the main point I wanted guys to take away from it was that we have the ability to change our M-SMV. A girl’s SMV is simply based on her age and looks, whereas we’ve got a whole host of components that we can display using different mechanisms.

If you want to make immediate improvements to your M-SMV, start with the Learned components and begin cold approaching (day or night) as an instant way to display that value. Focus on the “Male Polarity” elements to start with:

  • Lose weight and hit the gym
  • Revamp your wardrobe and get a masculine style (fitted, layered, dark colours)
  • Sort out your grooming (skin, hair, nails, breath, smell)
  • Work on your posture. Stop leaning in.
  • Talk slowly, deeply and powerfully
  • Hold solid eye contact
  • Smile with your eyes, not just your mouth

Improving these things but not cold approaching is like working on shooting an amazing film but then not showing it to anyone. Screening your movie (i.e. cold approaching) is key. For me the easiest, most efficient form of cold approach is direct daygame, where I polarise my viewers (girls) into “Yes,” “No,” or “Maybe” without using money, status or just looks.


We’re lucky in that our M-SMV can be worked on and projected over a longer time frame. It’s in our hands to build it and sell it in a myriad of ways. In our M-SMV movie we’re not only the lead role, director and producer, but we’re the marketing and sales team involved in its release.

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