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Tricks and Ho’s

March 28, 2011

Judged from his book collection (or indeed anything he actually says) Bhodisatta is a weird guy. We were out doing some daygame recently when he loaned me Tariq Nasheed’s “The Mack Within”. I’ve been interested in mack and pimp culture for a while now as these guys basically do game, just with different words and frames for the same activity. One of my favourite concepts – flipping the script – is from pimping.

I haven’t finished the book yet so don’t consider this a review. However one concept leaps right off the page as a much more elegant conceptualisation than it’s equivalents in the PUA community

Hopefully one of his lower ranking girls

Trick: A man who pays for sexual gratification
Ho: A woman who sells sexual gratification

Note this is a much wider definition than simply punters and prostitutes. There is a trick mentality and a matching ho mentality. When a man goes to a strip club, sits in pervert alley, and thrusts banknotes into a stripper’s knickers he is a trick. When a man drives his ferrari to a date and whisks the girl to a VIP table and bottle service he is a trick. When a PUA runs entourage game by bribing girls with nightclub entry and tables he is a trick.

Any time a man exchanges money or it’s equivalent for the sexual attention of a woman he is a trick. It is low value behaviour, even when performed by billionaires. It communicates “sex with you is a prize” and “I don’t have enough personal value for you so I must build it up with bribes”.

So long as a man thinks sex with girls is a prize, that the girl’s sexuality is an asset, then he will struggle to avoid the trick mentality.

On the flip side, any time a woman reciprocates a trick’s overtures by delivering some gratification she is a ho. When a woman insists on the man buying drinks and food she is a ho. When she dolls up and takes her friends to a club for free entry and drinks she is a ho. When she holds out on blowjobs until the man buys her a handbag she is a ho.

Trick-Ho interactions take place on the economic and ego planes. They are shallow and self-defeating over time. Deep rewarding male-female interactions take place on the character and charisma planes. Men and women are truly happy when their energies match and sexual polarity pulls them together. This is why women in love can say “Even if we were poor and hungry I’d still be happy if I’m by your side” and why most men are repelled by shallow bimbos.

This is why a girl who lets you fuck her in a pub bathroom on the second date is less of a ho then a girl who holds you off for two years till she gets a rock on her finger. [clarification: a girl who fucks just anyone she tingles for in the toilets is a slut. A girl who sets a high threshold of personal value that you then meet and quickly guide through the milestones of the human courtship ritual and only then fucks you in the toilets is not a slut. So says Krauser]

How do you shake yourself loose of being a trick? That’s what inner game is all about. It’s why I drill students with sociology to flush all the rubbish out of their intellectual forebrains. If you need a few catch aphorisms to remind yourself you are not a trick, try these:

  • Alpha seed is more valuable than female eggs
  • Girls like sex more than men do
  • Women get old quick. Men mature like fine wine
  • The best men have higher value than the best women
  • She’s beautiful, yeah. But what has she ever acheived in life?
  • The world is awash in beautiful women. The vagina is not gold-plated
  • That girl has to be fucked by somebody. It might as well be me.
  • Beautiful women want the same things as average women.
  • Every girl tingles to the same things.


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