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Two days in a row

February 17, 2010

It’s amazing how taking even a short time out from regular sarging can blunt your game. I suppose it’s like playing sport and coming back from the off season. Yesterday was an ok day but so many things felt unnatural. I’m back out again on Sunday 7th February with Wisdom and Suave.

Initially my plan is to blow every set by just pushing outrageous sexual escalation until I get dismissed – a social experiment to push boundaries of what my mind believes is possible. I’m fairly amped up so when I see HB7 Teen ambling down the street I open. She’s got the harajuku girl vibe with black’n’white hooped tights, Hello Kitty bag and other Japanese teen fashion though she’s obviously English. She stops well and quickly acquires a deer in the headlights startled stare. She’s tingling and IOIing but totally overwhelmed. My opener:

Krauser: Your tights are really striking. You’ve got a whole harajuku vibe here

HB7: Thank you

Krauser: My ex was Japanese. I used to love fucking her in the park near Harajuku.

HB7: Umm…. *pussy tingle leg cross*

Krauser: I’m out shopping for a panda right now, for my little nephew. He loves animals and wants to hug everything. I think it’s Disney that’s caused it. What’s that movie, the one where the cartoon zoo animals get lost and end up in the jungle?…. the one with the mafia penguins and cultist meerkats….

HB7: Um…. *hair twirl*

Krauser: Madagascar! I knew it *pull her in side on, hug, push her away. Her feet are rooted to the spot like she can’t move and doesn’t know what to do* You know pandas don’t fuck, right? [run panda stack]. Anyway, how old are you?

HB7: Eighteen

Krauser: Really? I haven’t fucked an eighteen year old for a while now. Cool.

HB7: Umm…..

It’s a weird set, like really weird, because her logical mind has got to be freaking out but her feet don’t move, there’s no body-rocking or motioning away, and she is just locked into my rape eyes like the eye contact itself has her chained to the spot. Very educational on my side. I probably could’ve got something out of this but I start to lose my nerve towards the end and let her go. Benefit of hindsight I never should’ve asked for her number cause that totally broke the sexual frame – should’ve just frogmarched her to a pub and see what happens [because of her age I wouldn’t feel right getting genuine isolation, it would feel like bullying, but a dark pub would be fine cos she would always know she can eject]. As I walk back to the boys I realise that my audio cut out ten seconds in so I’m gutted this one isn’t recorded for posterity. We have video but its far off and shitty quality.

Next I open a HB6 Czech and she gives me the “I’m meeting a friend in a minute” FTC which I parry and end up in set for about 7 minutes. She’s nice and chatty and I definitely hook good but then blow it with a number close gambit that reeks of beta. What the hell was I thinking? I see the attraction in her eyes die out immediately. I recover by immediately apocalypsing HB6 Thai but she’s not talkative and I’m stacking poorly. I think she’s just shit testing me to see if I can follow up the opener, but I can’t. She’s polite about it.

I decide to try a new opener. It’s meant for alpha girls – those tall bitchy Russians who storm along the pavement with mega bitch shields. I see a girl who fits the bill reasonably close, HB8 Brit. I jump in front with strongly insistent body language and no smile:

Krauser: Hey, hey. HEY! *point* Stop.

HB8: *stops*

Krauser: I think you owe me and apology.

HB8: *looks at me like I’m mad, but some doubt creeps in like maybe she’s done something wrong*

Krauser: I was just standing there, telling my friend a story. *points* Thenyou come right past, and you’re so hot I completely forget what I was saying to him. *smirk*

HB8: *gets it, smiles*

Krauser: So, you owe me an apology. For being hot.

It doesn’t hook, but she does walk off smiling. I immediately try it on another girl but it’s totally miscalibrated because she’s just an HB7 and is ambling along aimlessly with a light smile. This one is only gonna work on the tough girls. I’ll field test it a bit more before I buy into it. Took some balls to do it.

A bit later I see HB7 Brazil go past with a face like a smacked arse. She looks really sour and pissed off. I open direct but immediately reference her mood, then break her state and lead her to a fun vibe. She hooks good and laughs alot but I miss a few opportunities and after two minutes I’m losing the attraction. I get her Facebook (and she accepts the add later that evening) but it’s an uphill plow and I’ve probably lost the set.  I did get good audio to analyse and some interesting learning points – its a social experiment first and foremost.

My LTR calls to say she’s back in England, and then I open two more sets. A Brit 2-set fails to hook. I get some back luck when just as I open they were splitting into two different directions so I’m standing in between them and they are five feet apart with momentum going opposite directions. The bigger mistake was I opened them on a street that’s full of chuggers and Big Issue sellers and I didn’t distinguish myself from them – their immediate impression would’ve been I’m trying to sell something.

Last set of the day is fun. HB6 Brazil is wandering out of the indoor market and I open direct. We chat about five minutes and she’s laughing and IOIing. Sauve is the other side of the market doing his own video and with my phone for audio so I don’t capture this. Good set but again I DLV like a beta when I go for the number. It was right there for the taking.

A couple of days later I’m round at Jambone’s house and we analyse the audio. His advice is:

– I’m too smooth and energetic so the sub-communication is that I’m a guy that’s done this hundreds of times before, or a TV guy doing a show. I need to inject some nervousness and awkward pauses / undirected comments.

– I’m too explicit in the number close. I should qualify her and take Facebook details, then transition it to a number almost off-hand while I chat as I imput the Facebook.

– I don’t pick up on leads the girl gives on topics she wants to talk about. I tend to steamroller through with what I want to talk about. Several times girls gave me strong hook points for topics I could’ve explored and get a connection with her and I let them pass.

– Tease more. I am teasing, but it needs to be more fun and more of it.

– Slow down. I talk too fast. Whereas I used to talk too fast because I was nervous, now it’s because I’m excitable and full of energy. Either way, I shold slow down.

I should’ve had three more numbers today. Hook point was reached, attraction was there, but I DLV’d myself out of it. Live and learn.

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