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Vignettes from a harem: Man-eater

October 30, 2010

I hesistate to call her a harem member because I don’t have enough hand. She’s sucked my cock a few times in public places and is all over me when we meet but I haven’t fucked her and can’t order her around when she’s not physically present. This is a girl who is massively into me but burns the candle at both ends with insane work hours at a top-end investment bank and also is constantly partying. I’m competing against literally dozens of high-earning sports-car-driving chodes who work with her. Hence my frame is to compete on my terms, not theirs. Here’s a sample of the text and phone exchanges. It’s a display of how I handle a typically tough situation: How do you maintain momentum and awareness with a girl where you have to keep re-initiating and yet don’t want to succumb to a chasing frame. Tough proposition. This is my attempt…..

It’s 27th September 2010 and it’s a week since we met. That time as we were walking back to the station she let me know she”d promised herself she wasn’t gonna kiss me or suck my cock tonight. My read is that she likes me and considers me different to all the chodes she meets, and thus needs comfort and rapport. But she’s so resistant to let that rapport happen and we are stuck in attraction. Every time I try to build rapport she blocks it. I think it’s a defense mechanism because she’s intimated that she was really hurt coming out of a long relationship a year ago. I think her slutty behaviour is motivated by trying to regain self esteem through exercising her sexual power. Weird, fucked up, and sel destructive but that’s how it looks. So as we are walking back I say this:

Me: You know, I’ve been trying to get a read on you for a long time. You’re complicated but I think I’ve figured you out. You present yourself as a sexually aggressive man-eater. It’s all blow job this and eat my pussy that. But I think that’s just a character that you like playing. I think that really, underneath the act, you’re just a sweet little girl. I see flashes of her. That’s who I want to get to know. That’s why I stick around.

She fucking loves it, and gives me a huge tits-first hug and then walks snuggled under my arm to the station. Then  radio silence and on the 27th I send out a feeler text:

Me 1:12pm – [North London place] or [East London place].  [she splits her time sleeping at two flats]
Her 2:50pm – Neither, just woke up, sorry…. autumn has barely begun & I’m dying from an awful sore throat!!! Feel as rough as a badgers a*se!! ð¦
Me 2:58pm – Charming image. Maybe it’s cos you talk too much.
Her 3:01pm – *sigh* empathy only Krauser style eh?? It’s overwhelming!! Or maybe it’s because I ‘blow’ too much?? Takes a toll on a gals throat, gag reflexes & all ð
Me 3:04pm – Classy. Very classy. With all that blowjob practice, I’d have expected you to be good at it by now ð  Presumably your fucking skills are equally overrated… Lucky you have a winning personality…
Her 3:15pm – Lmao lmao lmao!!!!

Two days later

Her 9:28am – Call me, I’m dying been bed ridden since Friday!!!
Me 9:57am – Just woke up. Give me a little while so I can get rid of my girl.

We talk on the phone, mostly comfort, and she’s all sweetness and light. As I mentioned, for all the rampant sexual aggression, I think she’s a sweetie at heart. On the 2nd October I’m walking back from a date with a similar black girl

Me 5:42pm – Just walking past a [her former company] building and thought of you. Is that sweet or creepy?

She calls me half an hour later and gushes over how she loved the text. We talk for a long time as she regals me with stories about how she’s stayed in all day relaxing by watching internet porn and rubbing one out every few hours. She describes with open-eyed wonder all the fetish sites she found for dwarves, grannies and animals. Then we have two near miss dates cancelled (she cancels) and radio silence again. I go onto other things before 19th October:

Me 10:24pm – The girl I fucked tonight has bigger tits than you. Not better, but definitely bigger.
Her 1:18am – Gosh yr senses r good!! I literally just got back from Madrid, Spain [I changed city name] just now!!! Bigger is definitely not a winner if it’s not aesthetically pleasing ð x
Me 1:46am – “Madrid, Spain” she says, like I never got an educashun.

So now (29th Oct) I haven’t heard from her in over a week. She’s always been tough to get out onto dates but always made a tremendous effort to please me when she is out. She recently started a new high-flying job and is thus even less available than before. Thinking about what Assanova had to say about sluts (which she is), I send out a tester:

Me 4:46pm – Girlgirlgirl. I’m out with friends tonight for a birthday party at [Old Street bar]. Wanna come and give me the pleasure of your company? I might even buy you a drink.
Her 7:36pm – Krauser krauser krauser, would love to! But you know my life isn’t my own at the moment! Early mornings & late nights (v late!) finished at 9pm last night!! I just don’t have the energy ð¦Â  Had a handful of invites this weekend as it’s haloween but I am just dedicating entire weekend to sleep!!! Have a good time be good, we shall meet up soon x   For once I am too tired to rant on!! Or pick at you so enjoy while it lasts :O
Me 9:03pm – Curl up like a cat, drink some warm milk, and get your beauty sleep ð
Her 9:03pm – Ahh I will pussy cat! I’m dedicating this entire weekend to sleeeeeep!! ð

Verdict: I will fuck her eventually, unless I mess up by chasing too hard.

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