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Virtua Resi #1 – Gutter Game

May 18, 2016

Have you ever had one of those days out on the streets when you thought “damn, I wish I’d had a camera on me?” I seem to get one every week but the moment I mic up……. shitsville. While chuntering on with Jimmy in Warsaw we had a bunch of good theoretical chats and we were both thinking “damn, we should’ve recorded that!”

So when I arrived in Kiev and was rattling off the kilometres with a travel buddy, I decided to put my dictaphone on. Set record and forget about it. The result is a bunch of monologues, Q&As, and demo sets recorded on audio. Rather than simply post them I figured I might as well give it a grandiose theme for my YouTube channel. So, I humbly announce the Virtua Resi. You too can feel what it’s like to have me chuntering on into your ear for hours on end.

I’m not pretending this is high-quality refined content. I’ll put this first one up and see how the response is. If you all think it’s shit, I’ll not subject you all to more.

If you think this post ought to have referred to Scott Adams in a facile yet self-aware manner, you should see my book.

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