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Walter White is not an alpha male

August 29, 2013

Ok, I’ll bite.

The manosphere has rapidly degenerated into a gaggle of fools gossiping like women about things they don’t understand. It’s lost. Dead. I shall bury myself in a cave until the apes have overrun us and civilisation reboots. Until then, I wish to knock this Breaking Bad rubbish on the head. Yes, it’s a great show. So great in fact that the writers really get the socio-sexual hierarchy and Walter White is as pure a gamma as ever puffed himself up on false pretentions. Let’s first dispense the alpha myth and where better to go than the first great popularizer of alpha game… Roissy. Let’s go to his enduring definition which is as accurate as you can get in so few words. A man’s alphaness is judged on three criteria.

“how hot are the women he can attract, how strong is that attraction for him, and how many of those women find him attractive.”

In five seasons Walter has sex with one used up old troll who treats him like shit until she becomes scared of him and then she merely exercises thinly-veiled contempt. And she cheats on him with an uber-chode. Look at her. A minger.

Why so serious?

Why so serious?

No other women express any interest in him whatsoever. Even Lydia just finds him a provider chode and she’s as broken and externally-referenced as despicable man-jaw femcunts can be. WW is an omega by Roissy standards.

How about the leader of men theory?

How many beta males look up to and respect Walt? How many high value men want to hang out with him as peers? How many men seek him out for the pleasure of his company? It’s a big fat zero. People are repelled by his anti-charisma. Several men come into his orbit on the lure of using his chemistry genius to get rich (Saul, Gus, Tucco) and several are there because they are under orders (Mike, Victor) but all of them immediately find his character repellent and seek to distance themselves. The only two men who don’t use him as a provider chump are a gay fanboy nerd (Gail) and a little boy lost (Jesse). At least Scarface had bros and hos.

How about the empire building business?

Walt fails at everything he touches. His chemistry genius and gamma wiles get him out of near death situations several times but almost every sticky moment is of his own making because while a genius at chemistry he is a bumbling amateur at life. Selling out his shareholding in a soon-to-be billion dollar tech firm, destablising his cushy job cooking for Gus, bringing Hank back onto his trail just after he’d given up….. these are all Mensa member levels of total incompetence at life. Note how it takes him four seasons to break even on costs and when he does get money he can’t launder it.

At no point does he change his life for the better. He is careening from crisis to crisis and dragging everything down with him. This is the beauty of the show because it shows how toxic Walter really is. At no point does it occur to him that he’s incompetent. He wildly overstates his own ability to get things done.

Chode, yesterday

Chode, yesterday

So no, Walter White is not an alpha male. The only way you could possibly think he is alpha is if you misunderstand the whole point of the socio-sexual hierarchy. I’m not trying to diss him on morality here. Sure he’s a reprehensible character but that’s neither here nor there. He has none of the alpha outcomes.

Girls don’t fancy him. Men don’t follow him. He doesn’t have his shit together. He’s deeply unhappy.

Go read Vox’s outline of the gamma male traits. Then check them against Mr Heisenberg

  • High intelligence that he overvalues the importance of
  • God complex in his belief in his own omnipotence and failure to recognise his errors
  • Relentless bullying of those further down the hierarchy
  • Burning toxic rage against the world for failing to recognise his genius.
  • Prickly pride that constantly causes him to sabotage otherwise smoothly functioning systems
  • Creepily over-investing in the one woman who gives him interest

I pity new manosphere guys who are being fed such tosh.

[Edit: About half the comments here show why the manosphere is just a knitting circle for whiny bitches.]

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