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We are giving dynamite to children

March 17, 2010

The pick-up community is all about getting laid. Sure thereâs various adjuncts and build-outs which go into lifestyle design, alpha mentality, self improvement and whatnot but at itâs core they are teaching guys to get laid regularly.

Be careful what you wish for.

Seduction students are adversely selected for the simple reason that guys who are already swimming in the pool of luxury pussy do not shell out £800 for a bootcamp. We get guys who have a problem to fix. Sometimes they are like me: pretty experienced with women but suffering from a serious setback and taking it as the trigger to fix all the other issues Iâd never addressed because Iâd had girls. Others are a more serious proposition: nerds and virgins who have shitty social skills and have always been like the poor kid with his face pressed up against the sweet shop window but never allowed in to eat. The easiest students are the young guys who are doing kind of okay with women but have set themselves loftier goals.

Generally, we are getting students who are seriously vulnerable to the predations of women. Like a dog who chases a car down the street and then doesnât know what to do when it catches up, like the fool who grabs a tiger by the tail, we in the seduction community are teaching guys to walk into a trap. What trap?

  • False paternity claims and ensuing child support that will cripple them financially
  • Emotional abuse from passive aggressive bitches who try to destroy your self esteem and your faith in humanity
  • STDs, some of which can ruin your fertility or harm your future wife
  • False rape claims that will see your reputation ruined, your career ended, and likely a long stint in jail just because some whore gets buyers remorse

Now Iâm not going into the topic of whether the PUA life is a shallow one. Thatâs an oversold meme and I care little for it. Iâm talking about this:

By encouraging naïve men to sleep with many women, we are exposing them to risks they donât even know exist.

We are handing dynamite to children. I think the seduction community needs to take responsibility and teach the other half of the picture. The other half isn’t mere âLTR gameâ, itâs about grounding our students in the realities of the sexual marketplace and the realities of a misandric society. But is anyone going to do that? Guys like Roissy or Ferdinand Bardamu â yes. But actual commercial âIâll teach you to bang supermodels for $1999â outfits. Ahem.

Beer companies donât advertise hangovers any more than tobacco companies advertise cancer. We arenât likely to see pickup companies take responsibility for this. Theyâd much rather take the money, hand the guy his machete and push him into the jungle.

This isnât because pick up instructors are evil geniuses. They are blind to the risks. Really, how many guys are out there who have (i) legit game (ii) manosphere social awareness and (iii) chosen the instructor lifestyle.  A handful? If that.

Most pick up instructors Iâve met do not have life experience with women and they lack the sociological imagination. For the most part they actively reject the manosphere because âitâs not a positive frame, dudeâ. Many of them are, intellectually, little boys in peacocking costumes. Theyâve done 2,000 approaches, theyâve fucked a fistful of hot girls, they really do have legit teachable pick up skills. But they are also usually under thirty years old, focused entirely on small-scale social dynamics, and by flitting from lay to lay theyâve never really lived with women and gone through the date-love-marriage-beta-divorce cycle.

Lots of technical knowledge. Not much wisdom.

So hereâs my blueprint for teaching Game so the students get laid but donât get raped:

  • Learn to recognise damaged women in sets and tread very carefully;
  • If your spider sense is tingling, eject. Do not let that woman into your life;
  • Be as anonymous as you can. Number close on a pre-pay phone if necessary;
  • Get video evidence whenever you can. Failing that, audio. Keep a recorder near your bed and start it recording before you dip your wick;
  • If you are getting LMR, you must have the episode recorded;
  • Always use your own condoms and flush them personally;

Iâd appreciate more ideas. I intend to include this in what I teach.

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