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What does gaming greatness look like?

April 20, 2010

Successful game fundamentally comes down to a simple equation:

Alphaness + Experience + Courtship Navigation = Game

Letâs break it down.

Most men are sackless losers. Itâs an unpleasant reality we are anaesthetised against through massive social conditioning that both programs us to become sackless losers and coos placating noises to us that this is a natural desirable state of affairs. It is the male side of the universal law of gender parity, namely, across every epoch the men and women of a given culture deserve each other. Western men are sackless losers, western women are vile animals. Iâm talking trends, not absolutes.

To achieve success with that rapidlythinning herd of pleasant, pretty, feminine women a man needs to be worthy of her. This isnât supplication, because a woman so described is also working hard to be worthy of such a man. You must be able to answer the question âwhy should she like you?â

Classically taught outer game is avoiding this question by teaching routines and fakery as a shortcut to a womanâs bed. Thereâs some success to be had there. In fact if you really excel in such trickery you can bang a bevy of skanks and even the occasional hottie. Unfortunately youâll remain the same sackless loser you always were, and thus always be pissing into the wind every single set unless somewhere along the way you start working on the alphaness. Most aspiring PUAs do eventually tumble to this truth. It would be a lot easier if it was commonly accepted and thus we could just start from that point and get on with the grunt work of the Beta2Alpha transition.

Incidentally, I think thatâs why most naturals are hostile to and dismissive of âgamersâ. They see the latter avoiding the question entirely and building up the shell of fakery. Because many naturals already have alphaness they also know they are above gamers in the male domination hierarchy.

Kevin Rooney (Leg-Iron Mike Tysonâs first trainer) said it takes a fighter ten years before he truly learns to relax in the ring. Thereâs an analogous process in game in which it takes 1,000 approaches to truly relax in set. No amount of alphaness will score you consistent girls in and of itself, nor protect you from their predations. You still have to get the airtime, hit the roadblocks, fail a lot, try new things, get yourself calibrated. You canât learn to swim without getting wet. Until you get the comfort born from experience, the natural alpha will be inhibited through unfamiliarity and your brain will be spinning wildly so you mix up your courtship navigation.

Naturals and alphas (not quite synonyms) have usually accrued lots of experience since sexual maturity and thus itâs easy to conflate them but experience must still be sought through dedicating time and energy to approaching. You can spend as long as you want in your Power of Now cave dialling in your nimbus but youâll stumble like a new-born foal for the first few hundred approaches regardless. Book learning and introspection arenât enough. Cool clothes and a fighterâs body arenât either.

Courtship Navigation
This is the principle advance of the Mystery Method. A girl might really like you, you might be extremely relaxed and confident, but you must still proceed through the linear stages of the human courtship ritual to get her legs at quarter-to-three. Therefore you must develop strong pre-approach and opening, stack and transition well, engage in interesting conversation that invests her and demonstrate higher value. Recognising some IOIs you can progress to comfort, close, then proceed to further comfort and seduction. Classic game. For historical reasons there is an inordinate focus on this element at the expense of the others. Thus the common site of PUA buzzing beta bees doing the dancing monkey routine on girls and just looking plain weird.

Alphaness + Experience = Natural game but little control over the process so lots of girls who seem strongly into you seem to flake out and go nowhere while others jump on your cock. Itâs never clear why the same behaviours lead to divergent outcomes.
Alphaness + Courtship Navigation = Girls hook and give you the airtime and IOIs but you feel like a social robot. The connection is not comfortably made and the girls sense some weirdness. You have to railroad the girls through the stages and anytime the contact is broken, so is the spell.
Experience + Courtship Navigation = Lots of hookups with low quality women and a constant uphill struggle to work work work every set. The girls never seem to come to you and youâre constantly in a chasing frame (while projecting practiced aloofness).
Alphaness + Experience + Courtship Navigation = Wham bamn. Girls hook easily and you slide consistently through the stages to regular sex with women worthy of your time.

The above is talking about standard vanilla game from cold approach to an LTR, which is the skill set I most covet. There are other ways to skin the cat that are more attuned to difficult to reproduce peculiarities of the guy in question. For example a big young good-looking guy can just eye-fuck and then escalate while cutting out all the other stuff (Moran, Iâm talking about you fella!) but not many PUAs have that option on the menu. A stripclub owner could work his employees like a band member can work his groupies, but what use is that to most guys?

Further options open up if you are willing to fuck club skanks, fatties and cougars. Each to his own. I am talking about a skill set that a genetically average (and perhaps older) guy can use to obtain regular sober sex with the highest quality women (7s to 10s who donât ride the cock carousel) in the prime of their sexual market value (18 to 24 years old). Thatâs a tall order and requires an extensive skill set that brooks no short cuts.

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